Opportunities For Stay-At-Home Moms – 3 Legitimate Ways For Stay-At-Home Moms To Make Money

Times are tough! The economy seems to be getting better but at a very slow pace. It’s getting to the point of both dad and mom having to work! However, with kids, getting a job can be very difficult! If both parents work, now you have to find a babysitter. Babysitters are not cheap! Therefore, a huge portion of the extra money you’re bringing into the household has to go to a babysitter which kind of defeats the purpose of getting a job anyway. It may start to seem like a never-ending battle. Luckily, there are ways that you can make money all from home!

1. Share Your Opinion – I’m sure you’ve heard of this way but maybe are hesitating to do it. Stop waiting! Sharing your opinion through paid-surveys is a great way to make a little extra money for very little work. Do not expect to make a fortune doing this! However, you certainly will be able to make an extra $100 every month if you do this on a consistent basis.

2. Run An At-Home Daycare – You’re likely already at home watching your own kids so why not run an at-home daycare? Not only will this generate some extra money in your household pockets but it will also give your children the opportunity to build social skills by being around other children. If your children are already in school, you still can do this! You’ll just be watching other children rather than watching your children with other children. Also, you can set your own price! Some individuals that do this are able to make a very good amount of money! However, get ready for your house to be pretty messy! It’s inevitable! Kids are kids and kids get messy!

3. Tutor Students – I absolutely love this way of making money! I definitely encourage everyone to look into this. Not only can it be a great way to make a decent amount of money all from home but it’s also fantastic because you’re able to help children with their education! It’s the type of thing that you will feel great doing! It, of course, will get frustrating at times but when you see that student begin excelling at what you’ve been teaching you will definitely feel rewarded! The type of feeling simply cannot be produced by a paycheck!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, I really hope this article helped! If not, be sure to check out my other articles discussing even more ways you can make money all from home! In this day and age there’s literally hundreds of ways you can make money from home starting from a decent income to a very lucrative and rewarding income!

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3 Budgeting Tips That Work – How To Budget Like A Pro

You can do a lot more with your finances if you learn how to properly budget and save. You could go from sitting at the house watching television during your paid time off of work to taking a nice vacation with the spouse. You can do much more with your life if you learn how to handle your money like a pro. I’m going to give you 3 tips that if done correctly and steadily will be very effective. Some of these tips may seem obvious; however, too many people fail to do them!

1. Learn To Budget – As painful as it may be this all comes down to the old fashion way of grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and doing some math. Figure out your average monthly income and write that number down. Then, subtract all your bills. After that, take 5% or 10% of the remainder and add it into your savings account. Finally, you have to reward yourself. So hopefully you have something like $300 left, so take $100 and use that for recreation and put the remaining $200 into your budgeting or reserve account. Be sure to realize that life and finances is subject to change. So make this a reoccurring thing. I create a new “Budget List” about once every 3 months.

2. Expect The Unexpected – Things happen. Whether we like it or not, that’s just reality. You have to have the willpower to set aside some amount of money each paycheck into your reserve account. You still should also set aside a certain portion and put it into your savings account but if you put all your budgeting money and saving money into one place you won’t be building as much interest as you should be once a tire goes flat or you need an oil change or whatever else. Budgeting and saving are closely related but they are not the same thing! You do not want to have to spend the money you have been saving. The purpose of the money you have been budgeting is meant to be spent when needed.

3. Become Debt-Free! – This tip is very rewarding and so underestimated! Pay down your debt! I understand that by making investments you can one day become rich. But is becoming debt free not an investment? It’s an investment in yourself and future! Once you become debt-free investing will be much easier as well. So don’t feel like it’s an awful idea to pay a little extra every month. Of course, residual bills are inescapable but temporary bills are not such as a credit card or car payment.

There’s a ton of other tips on things you could be doing to budget better. These three are just ones that I have found to be effective in my own personal life. If you do happen to follow these tips you will see the results! If you follow these tips for two days and then stop, you probably will not see results. It is your decision to budget like a pro, become debt-free, and to be expecting things to happen. It’s also your decision to make the most out of your income and achieve financial freedom.

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How To Achieve Your Dreams – The 3 Secret Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

It’s all about goal setting. Is there something you always wanted to do or accomplish but couldn’t ever seem to get it done? Have you maybe even failed every time you have tried to achieve this dream? I’m here to help. It’s all a process! Just like riding a bike, it’s hard at first but once you got it, you got it! Achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier to do once you understand the process. I will go over the 3 simple steps to take to accomplish your dreams or goals.

The Steps

1. Discover Your Dream – This may seem silly. However, many people set out to achieve a dream and invest a lot of time, effort, and money into it just to find out that it’s not actually want they wanted to accomplish to begin with. If you want to be rich, don’t just choose the first job that pays the most. You have to work smart. So get out a pen and a piece of paper and write down exactly what your dream is. You may have to do this a few times before you actually discover what it is you want to do.

The fact is, most people are so blinded by money, freedom, work and many other factors that they have a difficult time finding out exactly what they want to do and for what reason. If you want to be a real estate agent because you want to make a substantial amount of income, you’re likely going to fail. If you want to make a substantial amount of income and think being a real estate agent is going to be your pathway to that goal or dream, understand that it will take time and there’s many more things to consider such as: Will you even enjoy the job or will you even make the amount of income your originally imagined?

Be a real estate agent because you want to make a good income but also because you want to help people find the best home that fits their budget and idea. Be a real estate agent because you like to help others and see your clients happy from your work. Life is not all about money; however, if you remain ethical and help others you will likely make more money than you would if you were just doing something to make some quick cash. This may take a few days or even weeks but trust me, once you finish you will definitely see the benefits of doing so.

2. Plan! Plan! Plan! – So many of my friends have started a business and failed. Before they started their business I had told them there are things they need to learn as well as things they need to master. They responded with laughter as they proceeded to wing it. Their businesses no longer exist because of it. This may be more difficult to do than the first step, however, in the long run; it will certainly be worth it! You have to plan! Create a Blueprint step-by-step on how exactly you will get to where you want to be! So, keep that pen in your hand and grab a new sheet of paper and do this with full concentration.

However, be prepared! This list will change. Don’t fear change! Accept and welcome change. Some things will work great and others will not. In order to achieve your ultimate goals or dreams you have to understand the exact steps and the best route to take in order to get there. You have to plan where to begin, how to manage it, and how to capitalize with it! Of course, when you capitalize and achieve your goals and dreams, don’t think for one second that’s the end of it. If you want your dream to disappear, let it be the end. But if you want your dreams or goals to continue until your last breath, continue planning! This planning process may be tedious at first but it will get easier the more you do it but be prepared to do this on a regular basis!

3. Take Action! – I can’t express this step enough. Some people are dreamers, some people are doers. However, the elite top percent of those in which has accomplished their goals and dreams with a growing success rate do both! First you have to dream then you have to do! If you dream all day, you won’t accomplish anything. If you do all day, you will start a bunch of things that crumble into your hands in a million little pieces. You will likely get discouraged and give up after your dreams or goals crumble a few times. So dream and then take action!

After you have found out exactly what it is that you want to do, create a blueprint to figure out exactly how you’re going to do it, and then implement that blueprint. Every time it gets tough, remembers you reasons! Remember your dreams and goals! Remember why you are accepting the headaches in the first place and get back to it! This is easily the most important feature that separates the achievers and the failures. I personally, take action daily! I do, however, have off days. But when I do have those off days, I make up for it by putting in an extra 50% of action the next.

This is also the hardest part of achieving your dreams or goals. This is the main reason why most people do not achieve these things and they end up working a job in which they can’t stand for their entire life and eventually retire and spend the rest of their life wishing they had done something differently. That thing they wish they did differently is take action!

Make Sense?

Follow these steps and I guarantee you will see results and eventually achieve your dreams and goals. Figure out what you want to do, plan everything out, and then take action! I apologize if you thought the road to success was much more difficult than that, but it’s not! Talk to any billionaire that has worked their way to the top and they will tell you the same thing that is in this article! Of course, there are plenty more little things you must do such as possibility getting some education or working for the investment or any other little thing. But in terms of the process, these 3 steps are it!

The Process : Discover Your Dream, Plan, Take Action!

Understanding Nu Skin: Can You Really Make Money With Nu Skin?

Nu Skin was founded in 1984 and is involved in the skin care and wellness industry. They offer several products relating to overall wellness along with a business or income opportunity. The main question of this review is, can you really make money with Nu Skin’s business or income opportunity?

The Thing: Nu Skin offers a ton of products relating to overall wellness such as Oral Care, Men’s Care, Cosmetics, Sun Protection, Energy & Stamina, Celluar Protection, Heart Health, Mood Support, Immunity Support, and many more.

1. Cortitrol – Cortitrol is a mood enhancing supplement for $42.00 each bottle. It is designed to promote healthy cortisol hormone balance and enhances feelings of overall satisfaction and control to stressful environments and support better mental concentration and focus.

2. BioGinkgo 27/7 – This $33.00 bottle promotes and enhances normal healthy memory, stimulates concentration and overall focus, promotes blood circulation to the brain, and contains natural antioxidants.

3. Nu Skin 180 Face Wash –  This Face Wash cream is 4.2 fl. oz. for $36.00 and is supposed to reduce the appearance of age spots or discoloration, even skin tone, and improve skin firmness as well. It contains 10% active vitamin C which helps to fight against the effects of aging.

The Opportunity: The Business or Income opportunity explanation affiliated with Nu Skin is a two part question. The first one, defining and understanding their Compensation Plan. The second one, can you really make money with Nu Skin’s Business or Income opportunity?

To begin, you must enroll as a distributor and take actions to start earning commissions. Nu Skin has payouts that occur both weekly and monthly, deposited directly into your bank account. There are three main ways to get paid from taking advantage of Nu Skin’s business or income opportunity.

1. Fast-Start Payment(Weekly) – Nu Skin also sells Fast-Start Product Packages and allows affiliates to sell them as well to create a pretty decent profit. The Age LOC Spa Beauty Package and the Business Builder packages are the only two Fast-Start Product Packages that Nu Skin offers. If you are able to sell the Age LOC Spa Beauty Package, you will receive a payout of $100, if you are able to sell the Business Builder Package you will receive a payout of $400.

2. Retail Profits(Weekly) – Up to 43% on retail customer purchases.

3. Sales Volume of Your Sales Network(Monthly) – In order to achieve this type of payment you must be an “active” distributor. In order to become “active” you must accumulate 250 Personal Group Sales Volume(PGSV). Which means you, your retail customers, preferred customers, and personally enrolled distributors must add up to equal at least 250 PGSV.
The Cost: None! There is no cost to actually get started, involved, and affiliated with Nu Skin’s business opportunity. In order to become a full member of their affiliated program and begin earning any type of commission you must obtain 100 PSV and make five retail sales per month.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Nu Skin!

Final Thoughts: Nu Skin has a great line of products in addition to a very diverse and huge variety of products or things(what they physically offer). The prices for their products(things) is not too expensive but not very cheap either. Their business or income opportunity is decent but not terrific! It is going to require some serious “work” in order to move up in levels or ranks and to remain active in the company as a distributor.

They only have 3 different payouts. On the plus side, they include both weekly and monthly payouts. The percentage on retail customer purchases would be nice, provided it was always 43%, but take note of the fact that it is Up To 43%, therefore, you may only get 3% commission from a certain product, which isn’t ideal!

The cost is fabulous because it’s free. However, you MUST obtain 100 PSV and make FIVE retail sales per month to remain active and earning commission, so you have to stay on it day in and day out. It may not be difficult, but taking a vacation for a month would be a little tricky.

*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Nu Skin or their business opportunity.

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Understanding Mary Kay Cosmetics: Can You Really Make Money With Mary Kay Cosmetics?

Founded in 1963, Mary Kay is a direct sales company offering a wide variety of cosmetic products. Mary Kay’s worldwide wholesale volume reached around$2,600,000,000. However, can you really make money marketing their products? We’ll discuss some of the products that they offer in addition to a brief explanation of their compensation plan. The compensation plan that Mary Kay offers is where we will get an idea on whether or not people can actually create an income by becoming involved with the company’s business opportunity.

The Thing: Cosmetics! Mary Kay is one of the most known cosmetic Multi-level Marketing companies to ever exist! They offer cosmetic products ranging from Skin Care, Body & Sun, Makeup, Fragrances, and even cosmetics for Men. All of the categories are filled with sub-categories with many more types of products.

1. TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C – This $56.00 bottle is an anti-aging skin care product. TimeWise helps skin “bounce back” making it appear to be more lifted and firm.

2.  Mineral Eye Color Quad – This product is only $20.00 and comes in four different colors or shades such as Sandstorm, Autumn Leaves, Black Ice, and Chai Latte. It is ophthalmologist-tested and is designed to deliver lightweight, high-impact color as well as being long-lasting with a formula resistant to fading.

3. Hydrating Lotion – A 6.5 fl. oz. bottle of Mary Kay’s Hydrating Lotion is only $16.00. It has a great scent, is dermatologist-tested, designed to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and provides skin hydration for up to 10 hours.

4. MK High Intensity™ Sport Cologne Spray – In terms of Men’s Cosmetics, one product offered for men by Mary Kay is their Sport Cologne Spray for only $40.00 a 2.5 fl. oz. fragrance bottle. This Men’s Cologne is designed with an icy, “cool” scent.

The Opportunity: There are a total of 13 stages or levels an individual member can achieve with Mary Kay’s Business opportunity. Titles are in order: Consultant, Senior Consultant, Star Team Builder, Team Leader, Future Sales Director, Sales Director, Senior Sales Director, Future Executive Senior, Executive Senior Director, Elite Executive Director, National Sales Director, Senior National Sales Director, Executive National Sales Director. We shall briefly discuss a few.

1. Consultant – You must order at least once per year in order to remain a Consultant. By becoming an “active” Consultant, you are able to purchase all Mary Kay’s products at 50% off. You must order at least $225 worth of products within 3 months to remain “active”.

2. Team Leader – In order to achieve this ranking, you must have 5 to 7 active members that you personally referred into your team business. When achieving this rank you get 9% commission on team orders as well as having the possibility to get a $50 team-building bonus.

3. Elite Executive Director – You must have 8 or more first-line team members to achieve this ranking. By doing so, you get 5% commission on team members if your unit production is under $12,00 and 6% commission if your unit production is $12,00 or more. You must have a minimum unit production of $4,500 per month in order to remain in this ranking. A few other bonuses and payouts are included as well, but we’ll move on.

4. Senior National Sales Director – By achieving this ranking, you must have 1 to 2 team members that have achieved the ranking of National Sales Director(NSD). You are able to earn 9% commission on units of your first line NSDs, 4% commission on units of your second line of NSDs, 2% commission on units of your third line of NSDs, and a few other payouts and bonuses.
The Cost: In order to become affiliated with Mary Kay’s and take advantage of the business opportunity that they have to offer, you need to purchase a $100 Start Up Kit.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Mary Kay Cosmetics!

Final Thoughts: Mary Kay Cosmetics is a well-known company with a long history. When discussing the company with others, there is very little skepticism, which makes the job of a Network Marketer much easier. They have a good line of products in addition to a lucrative and extensive compensation plan/business opportunity. However, they’re products are highly over-priced and they’re compensation plan changes frequently. You could be an Executive National Sales Director and make 9% commission one month and only 7% the next if they were to happen to decide to change the numbers for that specific region. Mary Kay’s compensation plan is very extensive and hard to keep accurate track of unless you are directly involved in the company by being an Employee, Consultant, or any other Direct Affiliation. What this extensive compensation plan does, is allows the company to hype people up. During a presentation of becoming a Consultant for Mary Kay, it seems as if it just keeps getting better and better when in reality, the payouts increase slowly and minimally. The depth of the compensation plan is simply unnecessary. Finally, in order to get massive payouts and achieve higher ranks you have to generate a huge amount of success. You almost have to be one of the best Network Marketers to ever exist to truly make a substantial amount of income.

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Mary Kay Cosmetics or their business opportunity.

Saving Money With Memberships – Can Memberships Really Save You Money?

People love saving money!

More importantly, they love spending money! The goal for such companies offering saving memberships is to allow people to buy more and spend less. Saving memberships, are one of the best ways you can save money on nearly anything. Of course, these memberships may not be free but if used properly, you will be able to save much more than the initial payment of the membership(in most cases). By using saving memberships, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year! Here are a few memberships that will save you tons of money in the long run!

1. Amazon Prime – This membership offers free shipping in only two days for online shopping! If you already pay for Netflix, cancel it! Get prime! In addition to free shipping in two days, you also can watch unlimited movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video. You will also have access to ad-free unlimited music streaming! This membership also includes over 500,000 free eBooks, free unlimited photo storage, and you will have access to Lightning Deals before other customers! You can get this membership for only $99 per year and you are able to cancel at anytime. If you are unsure whether or not the benefits of this membership will help you, try their 30 day free trial!

2. Costco Membership – Costco actually offers three different memberships: Executive, Business, and Gold Star. The business membership is more for individuals in which own a business! However, the Gold Star and Executive memberships are for everyone and anyone! The Gold Star Membership allows you to save money when purchasing groceries, home goods, and electronics! You can get this membership for yourself for only $55.00 per year! The Executive Membership will get you a 2% reward on most Costco purchases, in addition to lower prices on checks printing, identity protection, payroll services, free roadside assistance for vehicles covered through the auto insurance program, extra travel benefits, and online investing accounts.

3. American Automobile – Depending on where you live this usually cost around $50-$60. It primarily takes care of three events: It covers the cost of a tow truck if your vehicle breaks down, it will help you if you run out of gas, and it allows free assistance if you lock your keys in your vehicle! You may also be able to get some pretty awesome discounts at hotels and many retail stores with this membership!

So the final answer to the question “Can Memberships Really Save You Money?” The answer is yes! Definitely! Get in touch with me for more information on how to save tons of money!

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Understanding 4Life Research: Can You Really Make Money With 4Life Research?

In order to see results and create a conclusion, we must first understand the company.
The Thing: This company was launched in 1998 and introduced the first product 4Life Transfer Factor Classic, which is supposed to increase natural killer cell activity 204% above normal response and provide safe and effective support. This company offers many products relating to overall health. They offer an eye supplement that is supposed to support visual acuity and sharpness along with shielding the macula from excessive light. They also have a facial cleanser that is supposed to give a complete clean complexion without stripping the skin of it’s natural moisture. 4Life also offers a calming herb medicine to balance mood, sleep, and stress while promoting healthy energy. Love cats??? They offer a supplement that claims to lower your cats stress and increase their overall wellness! Ingredients used with all the products that 4Life offers include Acai, Aloe Vera, Calcium/Magnesium, CoQ10, Cranberry, Fiber, Green Tea, Grape-seed, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, and much more!
The Opportunity: Life Points(LP), are where the money is to be made in this company. LP, could be the purchases of yourself or your down-line members. If you enrolled Billy and Sarah, and Sarah had ordered 100LP, and Joe ordered 200LP, you get a payout of $75. To me, that’s pretty weak. However, there are monthly bonuses according to rank! Let’s discuss a few. Starting at Associate, moving on to Leader, then to Diamond, etc. As an Associate you get 2% of your first down-line members sales. When you become a Leader you get 25% of your 2nd members sales in addition to the 2% from your first members sales. Then, 5% from your 3rd members sales when Diamond, stacking up with the 2%(1st member sales) and 25%(2nd members sales). Make sense?
The Cost: Well, as mentioned before, 4Life Transfer Factor Classic is $41.95 per bottle. The Eye Supplement is $50.45 per bottle. The Facial Cleanser is $14.45. Per bottle. The Cat Supplement is $39.45. Per bottle. The Mood, Sleep, and Stress “balancer” and healthy energy booster is only $18.45 Per Bottle. So, it seems 4Life offers both expensive and inexpensive products. In order to begin as an Associate you have to have a personal minimum of 50LP, which means you have to buy a certain amount of these products while spending a certain amount monthly, and it’s most likely not going to be $14.45 for the Facial Cleanser. There is, however, a shopping section on 4Life’s website to search for items in a specific LP range. Of course, if you don’t like the products 4Life offers, be sure to do some individual research! There are Plenty of great companies offering a wide variety of products and opportunities. More Nutritional companies that are something like 4life are Amkey, Elken, Exfuse, Havvn, Integris, Morinda, and many more. Plenty of options to choose from. 4Life Research is also affiliated with the DSEF, UNPA, a member of the DSA, and have an A+ rating with the BBB. The products offered by this company have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and aren’t intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any diseases.

To conclude, yes you can make money with 4Life Research!

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company using the same concept as 4Life, I have discovered the best way to do just that!

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*Third Party Review. Dustin Hale Is Not Affiliated With 4Life Research Or Their Opportunity.