Being Your Own Boss: 5 Benefits To Being Your Own Boss

Having an employer is nice and there are plenty of benefits to that. However, being your own boss is awesome and there are hundreds of benefits to it! I’m going to go over 5 of those benefits within this article, explaining why so many people strive to see a day where they are their own boss, calling the shots and sending the money around. Being your own boss, however, is certainly not for everyone! Be sure to figure out what you want to do in life before jumping right into something.

1. Massive Progression – I, personally, have no interest in doing something for the rest of my life without a wide room of growth and promotion. If I am going to be employed, I want to have the ability to be the Chief Financial Officer in a few years. When you are your own boss, you can do exactly that starting with Day One.

2. Full Control – When you are your own boss, you call the shots! Deadlines, of course, do still exist! However, if you don’t want to complete those deadlines, you technically don’t have to. There is absolutely nobody to tell you what to do or how to do it. You could take an entire week of work off and not have to stress about it. However, if you are wanting to be successful and make a good income from being your own boss, you’ll need to take the bull by the horns and get some quality work done!

3. Flexibility – Does working a basic 9 to 5 not for work you? I don’t blame you! Being your own boss allows you to make your own schedule. If working first shift on Monday and third shift on Tuesday works for you, so be it! If you’ll be starting your first shift work-day two hours late, who cares? You have the ability and power to make a decision wisely in regards to your own schedule and how you get things done!

4. Enjoyment – In a world of debts and bills, we can’t accept not having a job. Therefore, sometimes we accept a job that we don’t want to do. We may even accept a job in which we downright hate! With being your own boss, you are able to choose what you do and that means you will be able to do something you actually enjoy! You are able to do something you wake up every morning ready and excited to do! You are able to go into work with a smile on your face, money in your wallet, and ready to make it happen!

5. Big Bucks! – If you are your own boss or wanting to be your own boss, you likely want a work environment with freedom or you want the “big bucks”! Being employed provides you with a “safe” income, however, the income isn’t really that safe when you could get fired at any moment. Being your own boss allows you to be more risky, which means you have the potential to make a huge amount of money in a little amount of time. The amount of money you earn, is entirely up to you.

Being your own boss doesn’t have to remain a dream! You can get this done and be successful, anybody can! It all is going to depend on what you want and how badly you want it. If you want to enjoy any of the benefits listed above, understand that it will require work, you will have to deal with the daily problems every boss to ever exist has gone through! Take a look at the rewards and make sure being your own boss is something you are able to do or even want to do!

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No College Careers: 3 High-Paying Careers With No College

Completing college will take a decent amount of time. For some the idea of college doesn’t even interest them. Some don’t have any interest in racking up thousands of dollars in debt to pay off for the rest of their lives. However, bills are still real and need to be paid! In order to pay these bills you will need money! So, here’s a few high-paying jobs you can do without any college!

1.  Real Estate Brokers – Medium annual wage for this profession is around 58K! Real Estate Brokers are essentially the “middleman” between buyers and sellers. In order to do this, you don’t have to have any college, however, there is a license and you have to do what your state requires of you in order to obtain that license.

2. Gaming Managers – Unfortunately, this isn’t for digital video games. By Gaming Manager, I’m talking more across the lines of casino related games. Gaming Managers have a medium annual wage of 65K! You can do this with no college, however, there is generally a training program and you will likely have to start out at some casino entry-level before moving on to the gaming manager position.

3. Commercial Pilots – Fly planes and be able to make a medium wage of 73K! You will have to meet basic requirements such as being at least 18, pass requires health tests, and that includes a drug test. You will also have to train as a private pilot and meet a certain amount of flight hours before being accepted and approved.

Bonus JobWelding – Welders can make an average annual income of around 40K. I added this job as a bonus because although the pay is lower than the others I listed above, you can began this career quickly! You will need to have a high school education as well as undergo a small amount of training. The second you get your certification you can begin job searching and likely get assistance from the same organization that provided you with your certification. For such small requirements and training, you can make an extremely livable income.

Do you remember being told you can do anything? Well, you can! What they didn’t tell you is that it will require work! Big or small, in order to achieve any amount of success in life you will need to do some work! That’s why if you are going to do something for the rest of your life, just be sure that you enjoy it! You definitely don’t want to work for something and do it for years and years just to end up hating it.

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Direct Selling – Should I Get Involved With Direct Selling?

Should you get involved with direct selling? Allow me to explain what direct selling even is and then I’m going to list a few questions you need to ask yourself before getting involved in any way with the direct selling industry. First, direct selling is essentially cutting out the middle man. For example, big retail stores carry thousands of products made by millions of companies, this would be normal selling. Direct selling involves one company selling their products to consumers instead of giant corporations.

Questions To Ask

1. Can I Really Be My Own Boss? – Be honest. Can you really be in charge of your own work? Can you really stick to the game-plan day in and day out? Do you have enough self control to wake up each morning and get the ball rolling? Are you prepared to accept the daily hits that every business owner to ever exist has experienced? For many people, the answer to all of these questions is a capital NO. Look, do not get involved in direct selling if you are not able to do these things. You will end up wasting your time, money, and most importantly you could potentially lose your business building confidence! If the answer is yes, continue on with this article.

2. What Do I Really Want? – What do you really want? Write down a list of the top 3 things you really want! Take your time and think about it thoroughly. If you just want money and to be rich, you are getting involved in direct selling for the wrong reasons! I’ve never, in my life, heard a medical doctor say they only became a doctor because of the money! Doctors became what they are because they wanted to help people and the money for doing it isn’t nothing to laugh at it either. It was a win-win situation! Look at direct selling the same way!

3. Do I Like The Product? – If you don’t like the product itself that you will be selling, stop immediately! I understand this industry has high payouts, however, you will never see a glimpse of those payouts if you don’t even like or enjoy what you will be trying to get others to buy. Let’s think about it this way, if you are constantly informing people of a product that you are trying to sell although you personally dislike the product, you’re a joke! You can either lie and say you love the product or tell the truth and say you dislike the product. Regardless of if you lie or tell the truth you are not going to get very many sells! Don’t get involved because you want to be rich, get involved because you desire to make a great income level from helping others!


So, is direct selling for you? Do not rush this decision! Take your time, breathe and relax. This industry is not going anywhere anytime soon, far from it. Take each question one-by-one and focus on answering them thoroughly. The direct selling industry isn’t easy, don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise! However, it’s not very difficult either. Direct selling simply requires work and this shouldn’t be a shocker to you but a lot of people don’t want to do any more work than they have to….even to be rich.

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Getting Rich Overnight – The Truth About Getting Rich Overnight

Wouldn’t you love to join an opportunity or a business and get rich overnight? I mean, who wouldn’t absolutely love for that to happen? The truth about getting rich overnight, is you can’t. It has never been done before, not once! Even those that made a video that went viral online don’t get rich overnight. What spectators don’t see is the amount of time successful people have put into their opportunity or business. So how do you get rich overnight? The simple answer is by working your rear off day in and day out endlessly for hundreds of previous nights. However, working hard at a fast-food chain isn’t going to provide you with your desired income. So, what are some opportunities or jobs that could make this a reality?

1. Marketing Vice President – In order to achieve this job you’ll need college and a decent handful of it! However, some of these professionals can make around $160,000 a year! I mean, how can you complain about going to college when numbers like this are in your face? You may also have to start your job out working at the actual company but after a few years you may be able to do this job all from home!

2. Direct Selling – This requires no college at all! You can start your direct selling adventure today at any moment! However, you will need to make sure that you start with a company that is right for you. Make sure you are getting high payouts and actually enjoy what you will be selling! If you’re trying to direct sell something you don’t even like, not only will you have a difficult time creating sells but you will also hate what you wake up and do everyday. However, those in this industry are able to make millions! A low-scale direct seller I know of has made over $256,000 in just one year.

3. Medical Director – If you’re trying to avoid going to college for years upon years, don’t even read this brief explanation! However, by becoming a medical director you could make around $260,000 a year! You can also do a good majority of this work online or over the phone at home. Just remember to not underestimate the amount of college you will need! Any career that deals with medical science in any way is going to require a rigorous amount of college!

So, the truth about getting rich overnight is you can’t. In order to make a bunch of money with a few hours as you sleep you will need to put your pedal to the medal and get the ball rolling! Regardless of how you choose to create this income, you will have to work for it and you will have to kick it into action! When I, personally, do a job or start a business or even an opportunity I don’t play games! I take the bull by the horns and charge into whatever industry I’m going to be in. The reason I do this is because I want substantial growth and income! So, if you want the same then you will have to do the same or more!

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Jobs Online: 3 Great And Rewarding Jobs Online

Technology is growing more and more every day! This daily growth is bringing more and more to the table such a jobs! You are now able to get a real legitimate job online working from home! Some jobs are hard and some are pretty easy. Some jobs require absolutely nothing and some require some education or even a small investment! It all depends on what you’re looking for, how much money you would like to make, and a bunch of other factors. I’m going to explain 3 jobs online you can start today!

1. Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistants do a bunch of things and offer quite a number of services. Such services offered by VA’s are invoicing, doing particular research, minor educating, and many more. The pay for this job varies heavily, however, once you learn what you’re doing and how to do it well you could be making a pretty decent income level all from home.

2. Call Centers – Personally, I have done this! Generally speaking, most companies want you to work physically at the company for about 90 days before you can start working online at home. They call this working “remote”, which makes total sense if you know the definition. However, don’t get excited! Call centers don’t pay any type of substantial hourly income to their employee’s. Don’t get me wrong, working for a call center is not a bad idea at all! Just remember, it’s an entry-level job! Pay from this online job is around $9-$15 an hour.

3. Direct Selling – Oh boy! Direct selling is no joke! You can make serious money online from this job! However, this is one of those jobs that require a small investment but nothing else. You can do this job straight out of high school! A bunch of direct sellers will try to make this job sound easy. The truth is that it’s far from easy! To be successful in the direct selling, not only will you have to invest a small amount of money but you will also have to invest a bunch of time! However, don’t skip past the payouts! These payouts could each into the thousands quickly! Depending on the individually, you could make $5 a month or $16,000 a month!

Online jobs are still a new thing. Many people don’t even know that they exist! However, they do in fact exist and are becoming more and more popular by the second! I’ve only listed 3 great and rewarding online jobs you can start today, however, there are several more I didn’t list! If any of these jobs sound interesting to you, I definitely advise you look into it immediately because these jobs are filling up quickly! I hope you enjoyed this review, be sure to look at my other articles to find additional information over a wide variety of things!

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Achieve Success: How To Achieve Success In Anything You Do

If you are wanting financial freedom, I specialize in helping people financially in all respects and I’m glad you found my work. The same key components that are required to achieve financial freedom are the same ones you can use to achieve success in anything else! Doing these things aren’t very difficult to do and they aren’t a huge mystery. However, they are often not the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up every morning. Therefore, you may simply just not know what to do or the steps to take to get where you want to be in life.
1. Set Goals – This tip I’m sure you have heard before but maybe didn’t quite understand how to do it or the importance of it. Ask anybody that has achieved their desired level of success and they will tell you the same. This is important! Don’t just set these goals in your head and then continue with your everyday life. Take some time, sit down, grab a piece of paper and something to write with and write these goals big and bold!

2. Surround Yourself With Successful People – Sneezing and sickness are both contagious. Something else that’s contagious is Success! Surround yourself around other like-minded successful or wanting to be successful people and you will notice a change in your mentality and perspective. If you are bent on becoming rich for example, you don’t want to surround yourself with broke possibly negative people. Don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is a bunch of people in which don’t have a decent income, do so by choice! So surround yourself with ones that chose to be successful and get more for themselves!

3. Take Risk – People that want to achieve any type of success will have to be willing to take a little bit of risk. That’s true in terms of financially, relationships, the list goes on and on. If your marriage is crumbling and your goal is to see it succeed, well you may have to take the risk of your boss getting mad at you or you getting in any amount or work-related trouble if you need to stay home for the day when it all hits the fan. Take the risk! It will be worth it in the end!

As mentioned before, all of these steps will help you achieve success in anything you do. They can all relate to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve success in! Be sure to try them out and commit yourself to them before disbelieving me. Another tip to be successful is to have an open mind. Close-minded people don’t get very far with anything, so don’t be one of those! The more you do these things as well, the easier it will get! Setting goals and writing them all down on a piece of paper may be a pain at first, but it will get easier and you may even begin liking it after awhile!

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Creating Extra Income – 3 Ways To Earn Extra Income On The Side With A Full Time Job

As bills come in, money leaves your bank, and you may start to feel like you can’t live paycheck-to-paycheck any longer. Then, you may start looking for ways you can make money on the side while still working your full-time day job. If that is your situation then I am glad you found my article and hopefully can provide you with a few side jobs you can do easily.

1. Online Surveys – Online surveys require little work and pay somewhat decently. Some companies pay horribly, others pay decently, but unfortunately no company I’ve heard about pays fantastically! Feel free to look for yourself though to find a high paying survey website! I personally do online surveys mainly out of boredom but do in fact get a few bucks here and there every month. A ton of websites, however, don’t actually offer money. They could offer something kind of like “Tokens” in which can be used in return for money or items such as a new gaming system or jewelry.

2. Resume Help – If you know anything about good-looking resumes, you could assist others in making their resume look professional and gain some extra income. I used to do this as well back when I was in High School, very simple and pay could be pretty decent. I used to charge $15 per Resume, which isn’t much but it was more than enough while in High School with no bills aside from my phone and car insurance. If you go online you can also find “Resume Templates” that can help you help others with their resume. Set your price and start marketing your skills.

3. Recycling – This may sound silly because of course you won’t be able to pay bills seriously by recycling. However, I wanted to include this into the review because not only can you make a little extra money from doing it, but you’re also playing a major positive role in your community and for the entire world. The Earth needs love and recycling definitely does that to a certain degree. Plus, as time goes on authorities have tried to make recycling an easier and more efficient thing to do so right now is a perfect time to begin your recycling career!

Keep in mind these are side jobs, you are not going to be able to generate a sizeable income from the jobs listed. They are easy to do and relatively quick to complete and you will be able to earn some extra funds in your wallet. If you are looking for ways to make a substantial income all from a side job, there’s definitely opportunities for that as well. Be sure to check out my other articles over this topic for more information.

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