No College Careers: 3 High-Paying Careers With No College

Completing college will take a decent amount of time. For some the idea of college doesn’t even interest them. Some don’t have any interest in racking up thousands of dollars in debt to pay off for the rest of their lives. However, bills are still real and need to be paid! In order to pay these bills you will need money! So, here’s a few high-paying jobs you can do without any college!

1.  Real Estate Brokers – Medium annual wage for this profession is around 58K! Real Estate Brokers are essentially the “middleman” between buyers and sellers. In order to do this, you don’t have to have any college, however, there is a license and you have to do what your state requires of you in order to obtain that license.

2. Gaming Managers – Unfortunately, this isn’t for digital video games. By Gaming Manager, I’m talking more across the lines of casino related games. Gaming Managers have a medium annual wage of 65K! You can do this with no college, however, there is generally a training program and you will likely have to start out at some casino entry-level before moving on to the gaming manager position.

3. Commercial Pilots – Fly planes and be able to make a medium wage of 73K! You will have to meet basic requirements such as being at least 18, pass requires health tests, and that includes a drug test. You will also have to train as a private pilot and meet a certain amount of flight hours before being accepted and approved.

Bonus JobWelding – Welders can make an average annual income of around 40K. I added this job as a bonus because although the pay is lower than the others I listed above, you can began this career quickly! You will need to have a high school education as well as undergo a small amount of training. The second you get your certification you can begin job searching and likely get assistance from the same organization that provided you with your certification. For such small requirements and training, you can make an extremely livable income.

Do you remember being told you can do anything? Well, you can! What they didn’t tell you is that it will require work! Big or small, in order to achieve any amount of success in life you will need to do some work! That’s why if you are going to do something for the rest of your life, just be sure that you enjoy it! You definitely don’t want to work for something and do it for years and years just to end up hating it.

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Investing In Yourself: Why You Should Start Investing In Yourself

The word “investment” is thrown around in so many ways. The word is even used where it doesn’t exactly belong. So, why and how should you exactly invest in yourself? I am going to be explaining 3 great reasons why you should start investing in yourself and provide a couple ways to wisely invest in yourself as well as in your future! By the end, hopefully it will be clear how important it is to invest in yourself and to begin this investment today!

3 Great Reasons To Invest In Yourself

1. Confidence Building – Investing in yourself will give you a massive confidence boost. Knowing that you are growing yourself mentally or financially or any other way is an amazing and rewarding feeling. This can lead to being able to achieve personal goals, scout new ways to become better financially or romantically or whatever else, or even just advancing in your current career. This also allows an open door for you to have more respect and love for yourself because you realize the fact that you made a commitment to treat yourself with such things and are going to do so.

2. Higher Earnings – If you want to make the big bucks, you’ll have to invest in yourself. Before someone is willing to invest in you, you must first invest in yourself. If you do this educationally, you will be able to achieve possible growth in almost any industry available. Education is something you should never stop growing, learn as much as you can and watch as you reach potential you didn’t think was possible. Have you ever wanted to be rich?

3. You’re Worth It – The main reason to invest in yourself is because You Are Worth It! I try to get this message planted in the mind of my children because it is a very valuable lesson. You should never settle for being less than your potential can actually reached. Everyday should be a rewarding challenge to grow your potential to new heights. If you have the mindset that you are worth more than you have regardless of the situation, you will see massive growth in everything you do. This reason to invest in yourself is hands down the most important one.

2 Great Ways To Invest In Yourself

1. Educationally – There are all types of different ways you can invest in yourself educationally and it’s very recommended that you do so. Your brain can hold a bunch of information! Never fear education, accept and welcome it! Any seminars or work shops you’ve been invited to or heard about recently that you didn’t think anything of, well start thinking about them! I am not a real estate professional, I don’t even own a house paid in full at this time. However, I have been to countless real estate seminars just because I love being informed! If I ever do decide to grow a real estate career, I’m already prepared.

2. Financially – I understand that this one will be tricky especially if you have little available funds to begin with. However, if you want to grow your income level substantially then investing in yourself financially is an absolute must! You could do this with stocks, real estate, a business, or anything else that will bring you income. If you do this though, you need to look for Return on Investments! I personally don’t do stocks because I don’t see a good enough Return on Investment. Luckily, there’s plenty of other ways to invest in yourself financially with fantastic Return on Investments such as real estate or direct selling.

A Couple Final Tips

1. Make a 5 Year Plan – Have you ever done this during college or high school or maybe even had to tell a potential employer this during an interview? Well, people do this for a reason. Writing things down in general makes it easier to retain the information as well as commit yourself to doing what it is you wrote. So make your five year plan and put it somewhere in which you will be able to see it daily! When stress overwhelms  you, this plan will generally calm you down a little being able to realize you are exactly where you want to be in your steps of achieving your ultimate potential and goals.

2. Get The Ball Rollin’ – I’m a huge planner! I plan everything I do strategically. I plan exactly how I am going to make my coffee in the morning! Yes, it’s that extreme but I enjoy it! Planning is great, however, you must learn to take action! I was one of those people that would think and plan everything but not get a lot done! I had to Get The Ball Rollin’ and after I was done planning, I had to start executing my plan!

Investing in yourself and in your future are very important if you are wanting to achieve big goals or dreams. Ask anybody who has achieved high success in anything and they will tell you how important it is and how much they’ve had to do it in order to get to where they are currently. Do not be afraid to put some money on the line for a potential reward later on. Just make sure that your money is going to something that will be rewarding and has a high Return on Investment!

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Creating Extra Income – 3 Ways To Earn Extra Income On The Side With A Full Time Job

As bills come in, money leaves your bank, and you may start to feel like you can’t live paycheck-to-paycheck any longer. Then, you may start looking for ways you can make money on the side while still working your full-time day job. If that is your situation then I am glad you found my article and hopefully can provide you with a few side jobs you can do easily.

1. Online Surveys – Online surveys require little work and pay somewhat decently. Some companies pay horribly, others pay decently, but unfortunately no company I’ve heard about pays fantastically! Feel free to look for yourself though to find a high paying survey website! I personally do online surveys mainly out of boredom but do in fact get a few bucks here and there every month. A ton of websites, however, don’t actually offer money. They could offer something kind of like “Tokens” in which can be used in return for money or items such as a new gaming system or jewelry.

2. Resume Help – If you know anything about good-looking resumes, you could assist others in making their resume look professional and gain some extra income. I used to do this as well back when I was in High School, very simple and pay could be pretty decent. I used to charge $15 per Resume, which isn’t much but it was more than enough while in High School with no bills aside from my phone and car insurance. If you go online you can also find “Resume Templates” that can help you help others with their resume. Set your price and start marketing your skills.

3. Recycling – This may sound silly because of course you won’t be able to pay bills seriously by recycling. However, I wanted to include this into the review because not only can you make a little extra money from doing it, but you’re also playing a major positive role in your community and for the entire world. The Earth needs love and recycling definitely does that to a certain degree. Plus, as time goes on authorities have tried to make recycling an easier and more efficient thing to do so right now is a perfect time to begin your recycling career!

Keep in mind these are side jobs, you are not going to be able to generate a sizeable income from the jobs listed. They are easy to do and relatively quick to complete and you will be able to earn some extra funds in your wallet. If you are looking for ways to make a substantial income all from a side job, there’s definitely opportunities for that as well. Be sure to check out my other articles over this topic for more information.

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Making Money Online: The Truth About Making Money Online

Making money online, is it real or is it a bunch of bologna? Depending on what you are looking for, it could be both! Making money online is something thousands of people try to do daily but only a few actually succeed and even fewer see real income margins! Most online entrepreneurs are able to make a little money on the side, but the truth is that most hardly make anything. I’m going to be providing a few ways you could make money online as well as a brief review.

1. Write and Sell an Ebook – If you have a vast amount of knowledge over a certain topic you could write and sell an Ebook, I supposed I should say write, record and then sell an Ebook. This could be a fantastic way to make residual income online and when it comes to making money, residual is the word you’re going to want to be searching for! However, if you don’t have much knowledge over one specific subject it could be difficult to create a quality Ebook and your customers are going to want quality! Additionally, this stream of income will take time! You will have to build your audience first and that could weeks or months or even years depending on how you market yourself.

2. Sell Photos – If you enjoy photography you could be selling your photos online. That picture you took of the sunset last week could be $10 in your pocket as well. Once you get your picture uploaded online you can set it to sell and people will be buying your glamorous photo while you sleep. You could potentially wake up the next morning to an extra $50 or $100 in your bank account just from one photo! However, this is definitely not something I would be interested in, personally. I am a horrible photographer and do not enjoy taking pictures, so I can only imagine this business structure would be an absolute failure for me.

3. Create Video Tutorials – As technology progresses, people are wanting tutorials on pretty much everything. You could do a tutorial on basic math, feeding your pet, even making a PB&J sandwich! After uploading these videos you’ll want to monetize them that way you can generate income from views. However, same as writing an Ebook, this income generation may take time. You will have to build an audience with this route as well. However, you could see a pretty decent size of residual income after building a following.

There’s many more ways you can make money online! I encourage you to search some more if this review didn’t include anything interesting but beware of false hopes! You can make money online a bunch of different ways, however, there are only a very few ways to make a substantial residual income stream online all from home.

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Save Money – The Easiest Way To Save Money

We are consumers. We simply need things such as gas for our cars, insurance, phones, groceries, furniture and many other things. All of these things require money! Unfortunately, our economy is not good. Luckily, it’s slowly getting better. But even when our economy gets better, wouldn’t it be nice to save money on all the things we need? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an a few extra thousand dollars in our pockets each year? Well, you certainly can! The best part about it is it’s incredibly easy to do!

No more searching online for hours trying to find the best price for your purchase! The way to save an extraordinary amount of money is via saving money memberships! More specifically, lifetime saving money memberships! I am going to go over the 3 things you need to look for before getting any type membership like this!

1. Duration – You can get one that only last for a few months or years but if you’re looking to save thousands of dollars each year then your best bet is to find a one that offers a lifetime holding. Especially if you enjoy the benefits, it would be ideal to continue to enjoy it for the rest of your life. There are plenty of lifetime holding ones out there, however, if you can’t find one you like that offers that then at least look for one that has a long duration. A 10 year or even a 15 year saving money membership will do some great things in terms of adding more money into your wallet.

2. Do The Math – You have to look at the price! If you are looking to get a lifetime one, you may have to pay a decent chunk of money. But it’s important to remember that it’s a one-time payment. You also have to make sure you’ll be able to save more than you originally spent or else it kind of defeats the purpose. Doesn’t it? If a saving money membership with a lifetime holding requires a one-time $5,000 payment but you are able to save $2,000 each year, do the math! That’s a great saving money membership! You will be able to save more money then you originally spent after 3 years! After the 3 years you will be smooth sailing! Be sure to do the math before you freak out about the price!

3. Look At The Benefits – If you want to maximize your savings you’re going to have to look at the benefits! Look for a saving money membership that has a ton of benefits! If you get one for gasoline, you need to make sure you purchase a ton of gasoline each year! There are several out there that allow you to use it on almost anything! There’s no need to limit your savings! As I mentioned before, it would be nice to save on a wide variety of things and you certainly can!

So, if you are looking to save an extraordinary amount of money each and every year your best bet is to look into a saving money membership! However, don’t get one without looking into it first and getting some information! Make sure that it has a high duration (preferably lifetime), do the math and make sure that you are going to be able to save more money then it took to get the membership in the first place, and finally be sure to look at the benefits so you can maximize your savings with a wide variety of things!

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How To Make A Six Figure Income – 3 Ways To Make A Six Figure Income

Most people are convinced that in order to achieve a six figure income they have to go to college and study a field that offers a job with a six figure income pay. The truth is that’s only one route! It may even be one of the most difficult and time-consuming routes. You can achieve a six figure income without a college degree and you can even do this all from home. I am going to be going over ways you can do this without a college degree as well as ways you can do this all from home. The ocean is yours! If you want this income level but don’t want to work from home, you certainly don’t have to. If you want this income level and do want to work from home, awesome!

  1. Real Estate Broker – The wonderful world of real estate! You will, of course, need a high school diploma and it is highly recommended that you get a real estate license as well. However, you don’t need 8 years of college! You can make a very good living in this field with estimated incomes ranging from $30,000 to $180,000 a year. However, this is a very competitive field! If you are interested in doing this you must be dedicated and committed to your own success and willing to take massive action to get to where you want to be. It won’t be easy but will be rewarding!
  2. Network Marketing – You can become a network marketer without a college degree, high school diploma, or any type of license. You can get into this industry from a simple investment ranging from $5 to $5,000. Additionally, you can do this 100% from home. The hardest part about network marketing is the know-how. Once you have to education down, you are just fine. However, this is also a very competitive field! It’s competitive because it’s easy and anybody can do it. Only a minority succeed in this industry (around 3%) because the members that join up are convinced they’re so special that money will just fall into their hands. The truth is you have to learn what to do and how to do it or else you won’t go anywhere! The ones that succeed in this industry can make anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000! With those numbers, you can probably understand why it’s so competitive!
  3. Build A Website – This is much more difficult than it may seem. However, the sky’s the limit with this income stream. Choose a topic you enjoy discussing, reviewing or whatever else and create content relating to that topic and begin uploading it. You can also do this 100% from home. However, it’s going to require you to invest both time and money just like all businesses. On the bright side, it’s not very competitive. A ton of entrepreneurs do it, however, there are thousands of people daily searching the internet trying to find things they may need or want and they are bound to at some point find your website. Make sure you offer quality free content as well as quality products or a service, that’s how the money will really start rolling in! Make sure that your website is very nice looking! You are trying to make a good impression and if you don’t take the time to make sure your website looks fantastic the viewers will instantly be turned off and go somewhere else. If you are looking to maximize your income it’s best to have as many services or products as possible. If you only have one thing in which you’re offering, it may be difficult for the readers or viewers to find it or they just simply aren’t interested in that one thing you have to offer. Average incomes are difficult to list because it highly varies but you certainly can make a six figure income with this route!

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Creating Wealth – 3 Simple Steps To Creating Wealth

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably tired of working your day job and feeling like it’s going nowhere. You may feel fearful about your future and retirement. Maybe you’re tired of getting vacation time off and not having the funds to go on an actual vacation so instead you stay at home and watch television. If this sounds anything like you, I’m very glad you have been able to find this article. I am going to be going over the 3 steps to creating wealth. You have probably heard these steps before because they are very accurate! However, I am going to explain these steps.  My best advice to you is to finish this entire article and then begin implementing the steps.

1. Make It – This is the most obvious step but it has to be done correctly. Have you ever heard the saying “Work Smart, Not Hard”? Well, why don’t repeat that saying a few times to yourself. If you would like to create wealth, your day job simply isn’t going to cut it. Ever. Find an opportunity and take some risk. Some of the leading wealth generators in the world have been able to be what they are today because of this. They found an opportunity they saw success in and took action and a few risk as well. I don’t mean risk your entire life to achieve your desire. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to risk or invest your time and even some of your money to achieve something that will make you forget you even had struggles in the first place. If you don’t like the idea of taking a few educated risk and investing your time or money then generating wealth isn’t something you should be trying to discover how to do.

2. Save It – Once you begin generating wealth you have to learn how to properly save it. I’ve done many articles, videos, audio blogs, and reports over saving money like a pro. It’s very essential to wealth creation! You can make a ton of money but if you want your bank account to satisfy you in 10 years you have to learn how to save! Make the money and then save a good portion of it. If you save correctly you can even make even more money just by saving.

3. Invest It – Make money and create wealth, save the money so you can stay wealthy, and then invest it so you can grow even wealthier. Like saving, you have to learn how to invest properly. I’ve done a ton of work related to this topic as well. One good idea for this process is with real estate but if that’s not something your interested in that’s fine, there’s plenty of different routes you could take. This step in crucial when you get to it. If all you do is create the wealth and then save it all you’ll be doing is stabilizing all that you’ve done, if you would like to continue growing you must learn to invest!

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