Direct Selling – Should I Get Involved With Direct Selling?

Should you get involved with direct selling? Allow me to explain what direct selling even is and then I’m going to list a few questions you need to ask yourself before getting involved in any way with the direct selling industry. First, direct selling is essentially cutting out the middle man. For example, big retail stores carry thousands of products made by millions of companies, this would be normal selling. Direct selling involves one company selling their products to consumers instead of giant corporations.

Questions To Ask

1. Can I Really Be My Own Boss? – Be honest. Can you really be in charge of your own work? Can you really stick to the game-plan day in and day out? Do you have enough self control to wake up each morning and get the ball rolling? Are you prepared to accept the daily hits that every business owner to ever exist has experienced? For many people, the answer to all of these questions is a capital NO. Look, do not get involved in direct selling if you are not able to do these things. You will end up wasting your time, money, and most importantly you could potentially lose your business building confidence! If the answer is yes, continue on with this article.

2. What Do I Really Want? – What do you really want? Write down a list of the top 3 things you really want! Take your time and think about it thoroughly. If you just want money and to be rich, you are getting involved in direct selling for the wrong reasons! I’ve never, in my life, heard a medical doctor say they only became a doctor because of the money! Doctors became what they are because they wanted to help people and the money for doing it isn’t nothing to laugh at it either. It was a win-win situation! Look at direct selling the same way!

3. Do I Like The Product? – If you don’t like the product itself that you will be selling, stop immediately! I understand this industry has high payouts, however, you will never see a glimpse of those payouts if you don’t even like or enjoy what you will be trying to get others to buy. Let’s think about it this way, if you are constantly informing people of a product that you are trying to sell although you personally dislike the product, you’re a joke! You can either lie and say you love the product or tell the truth and say you dislike the product. Regardless of if you lie or tell the truth you are not going to get very many sells! Don’t get involved because you want to be rich, get involved because you desire to make a great income level from helping others!


So, is direct selling for you? Do not rush this decision! Take your time, breathe and relax. This industry is not going anywhere anytime soon, far from it. Take each question one-by-one and focus on answering them thoroughly. The direct selling industry isn’t easy, don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise! However, it’s not very difficult either. Direct selling simply requires work and this shouldn’t be a shocker to you but a lot of people don’t want to do any more work than they have to….even to be rich.

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