Understanding ForeverGreen: Can You Really Make Money With ForeverGreen?

Founded in 2004, ForeverGreen offers products relating to the health and wellness industry such as nutrition and weight management. Additionally, they offer a business or income opportunity for members to possibly make money. As a company, they believe that health is a habit, not an event and that they would love to help you take the right steps to put you on that path! They also work to raise money for several different charities all around the world including places such as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Africa, and a few more!

The Thing:

ForeverGreen offers several different products relating to overall health and wellness such as enhancement strips, nutritional supplements, weight management, and other supplements to increase your overall body function. I will provide a brief explanation of a few of the products offered below!

1. PowerStrips – ForeverGreen offers what they call “PowerStrips” designed to provide temporary relief to aching physical pain anywhere on your body. These pain-management strips offer relief to such things as Sprains, Muscle Strain, Sore Muscles, Achy Joints, and many other pain relief benefits.

2. Azul – This product is in the nutritional category and is an antioxidant mix drink including 24 raw whole foods while remaining tasteful. It is designed to promote better sleep quality, support the health of your liver, increase energy and concentration, improve your immunity function, and improve the look and feel of skin, along with many other benefits.

3. Fixx – A shake designed to provide protein and sustainable energy containing many vitamins and nutrients the body needs! This product also is supposed to assist and weight loss, enhance muscle endurance and joint health, support balanced blood sugar levels, support immunity function, and many other key benefits.

The Opportunity:

The question still remains; can you really make money with ForeverGreen’s business or income opportunity? In order to answer this question, we must look into their Compensation Plan! Their payouts occur weekly.  They currently offer 7 total ways you could possibly earn income from marketing their company or products including Retail Rebate, Get 2 & 1 For You, Fast Start Bonus, X-Tribe Bonus, Team Bonus, Matching Bonus Pool, and Rank Advancement Bonus. I will discuss a few below!

1. Retail Rebate – This payout occurs when a customer purchases a product from your official website. The customer purchases the product you can earn the difference between the retail price and the member price. For example, if the customer purchases a product retail valued at $40.00 and the member price for this product is $30.00, you keep the remainder of $10.00 as profit!

2. Team Bonus – You are able to earn 8% to 12% commissionable volume from your teams “small leg” purchases.

3. Fast Start Bonus – You are able to enroll new members into your business and achieve this payout of 25% from their first four commission periods when they purchase products.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With ForeverGreen!

The Cost:

For some individuals, this is the most important question that must be answered before they even consider joining this company or any other company like this! However, it’s important to remember that what you are doing by becoming involved with their opportunity is essentially creating your own business. However, all businesses require some type of start-up fee. For example, Subway requires around $30,000 just to get started! Generally speaking, companies like ForeverGreen that are in the Multi-Level Marketing industry are much cheaper!

1. Starter Pack – In order to get started with their opportunity you will need to purchase one of their many starter packs. The lowest priced starter pack is around $1000.00.

2. Auto-Ship Program – In order to remain “active” and able to earn money, you will need to enroll yourself into their auto-ship program which is around $170 per month.

Final Thoughts:

The products are decent for individuals interested in becoming healthier and losing weight fast. They also offer products for immediate pain relief. The company started in 2004 and something to look for before joining any company is massive growth. This company has 12 years in business under their belt and seems to have expanded quite a bit but not exactly has had massive growth.

The opportunity is okay but not as great as I’d expect it to be with 12 years in business. As mentioned before, something to look for is growth and expansion and although they offer 7 total different payouts, all of them are quite low in comparison to other companies in this industry! I look forward to checking in on this company in the coming years to see if they fix or improve their compensation plan!

The cost was incredibly difficult to find accurate information upon. Their official website has no readily available information on how to get started with their opportunity or the price of their actual products. It’s something you would find of have to talk to a representative about, which is odd. It’s definitely a legitimate company offering legitimate products, but they made it interesting searching around for accurate, quality answers.

Their lowest priced starter pack being $1,000 is definitely not that much money when you could be making that in a week, however, in order to receive payouts and make money, you must enroll in their auto-ship program which is awful! If you don’t know how to professionally and effectively conduct network marketing, you could be wasting a ton of money, not making any sales, and have a ton of products you can’t sell stocked up as boxes upon boxes in your home.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with ForeverGreen or their business/income opportunity!

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