Understanding Pruvit: Can You Really Make Money With Pruvit?

Pruvit was first registered in 2013 and offers a product line designed to help your body reach ketosis, giving you the ability to lose up to one pound per day, raise your IQ, and increase your energy. In addition to offering a product in which help your body enter ketosis, Pruvit also offers a business or income opportunity giving you the ability to make money from home marketing their product and company.

First, what is ketosis exactly? Simply put, Ketosis is a condition your body is able to enter allowing you to burn fat rapidly and increases your metabolism. However, can you really make money marketing Pruvit’s company or their product?

The Thing: Most companies similar to Pruvit have a wide variety of products and many of them. However, Pruvit has only one product. They have based their entire company around this product and have scientifically worked to design this product to work to the best of its abilities.

1. KETO//OS(Ketone Operating System) – This product is the sole of Pruvit’s product line. It’s essentially a drink mix with ketone energy technology designed to provide the body with macro nutrients giving your body the ability for cellular regeneration and stability along with enhancing the body of energy and focus and most importantly, burning fat and increasing your metabolism. You are able to get 15 servings of this drink mix for $85.00, being the minimum amount and price, and 75 servings for $350.00. You simply have to dissolve a pack of this product into cold water and shake it up insanely!

This product is supposed to do a good amount of things, here’s a few:

• Provide rapid fat loss
• Allow your body to passively gain strength
• Allow your body better digestion
• Increase your focus and energy
• Allow you to enjoy better sleep
• Provide your body with clearer, more healthy skin
• Put you into a better mood overall
• Increase brain activity

The Opportunity: In order to understand if people are able to actually make money from marketing Pruvit’s company or products, we have to take a look at their Compensation Plan. A compensation plan is simply how companies pay their members; every company in the entire world has one! Some pay minimum wage, others pay salary, and companies similar to Pruvit do it much differently.

There are around 5 different types of payouts that Pruvit offers in addition to 14 sub-payouts in each major type, such as Kick-Off Rewards(First 30 Days), Leadership Rewards, GamePlay Rewards, Partner Rewards, and Residual Rewards, we will examine only a few of the sub-payouts. I am going to try to keep this simple while still providing the information needed to know.

1. Go Pro Bonus (Kick-Off Rewards) – Within your first 30 Days of being involved with Pruvit’s business or income opportunity you can receive a payout depending on your Personal Team Volume as well as your Team Volume. The higher those are, the more you get paid.

2. Go Fast Bonus (GamePlay Rewards) – This payout is weekly, however, the promoter or distributor can apply for daily payouts as well provided they are experiencing great success. The Go Fast Bonus pays the enrolling or selling promoter for the first order place by other promoters of distributors that they have Personally enrolled.

3. Dream Team Bonus (Leadership Rewards) – For members that have reached Rank 8, they have the ability to earn this annual bonus from other promoters/distributors’ that they have personally enrolled in which contribute to Team Volume. To keep it simple, if a promoter enrolls someone personally, and that someone contributes to Team Volume by purchasing product, the enrolling promoter gets a yearly payout. Keep in mind, in order to achieve this type of payout, you must reach rank 8. By the time you reach Rank 8, you will have much more than just one promoter in which you have personally enrolled, therefore, the payout could be quite enormous.

To Conclude, Yes, you Can make money by marketing the company Pruvit or their product.

The Cost: If you would like to get involved or affiliated with Pruvit’s business or income opportunity, you have to understand how much money that is going to take. Understand that this is a way for you to create a business all from home. If you were to create a Construction Company, you would need to pay a certain amount to get started. With that being said, don’t be discouraged to not join the company with that one reason alone. Opening a business requires money!

VIP Launch – In order to get affiliated with Pruvit and begin making money from home by marketing their company or products, you must purchase their VIP Launch Package for $350.00. If you become a VIP member of the company you will be able to get discounts on their product. For 15 Servings you will only pay $76.00 rather than the previous $85.00 and for the 75 Servings product you will only pay $133.00 rather than $350.00.

My Conclusion: Pruvit offers a product designed to strike your body into ketosis rather rapidly to increase your metabolism and burn fat. The product is unique but kind of pricey. They offer a business/income opportunity for those that would like to market their products or company. This opportunity has several different types of payouts and yes, you definitely Can make money from being successful by referring members into the business or by marketing their products and generating sales. The cost is pretty cheap, which makes sense. Most companies with a Start-Up cost are either cheap or expensive depending on how lucrative their compensation plan is. The compensation plan that Pruvit offers is nice but is going to require a good amount of work in order to start receiving huge payouts.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Pruvit or their business/income opportunity

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Paid Surveys Scam – Are Paid Surveys A Scam?

There are thousands upon thousands of claims that people can make money doing surveys. However, there are also thousands upon thousands of claims that paid-surveys are a complete scam and a waste of time. Therefore, the question to be asked is, which claims are true and which claims are false? The answer will be revealed during this article review over paid-surveys and if they are a Scam or Not.

Some Information

Most paid-survey websites are totally free to join and participate. Legitimate paid-survey websites will never require you to spend any money. There is absolutely no limit to how many paid-survey sites you can join. However, there is sometimes a limit to how many surveys you can take each day with one particular site. Therefore, joining a few of them isn’t a bad idea!

Generally speaking, paid-surveys offer surveys in which take around 10-20 minutes to complete but some require around 30 minutes while others only require around 5 minutes. Some paid survey websites also offer Focus Groups in which could take around 1-3 hours to complete but the payouts for those are generally higher.

To keep it simple, usually the longer it takes to complete a survey or focus group, the higher the payout is once completed. The questions asked by surveys are hard to pin-point because honestly, they can be all over the place. Paid-survey websites ask a wide variety of questions, listed below are a few commonly asked survey questions.

1. Products/Services Opinion – In this case, the survey will ask questions relating to a specific product or service that you have claimed to experience. For example, if you have tried Red Bull Energy Drink, they may ask you your opinion on the taste, texture, price, how much you like the look of the can itself in which the drink is in, and many other related questions.

2. Art Related Topics – Have you gotten the chance to hear “Hello” by Adele yet? If you have, there could be a survey asking how you felt about the song. What are your thoughts on the lyrics, the studio quality, the instrumental, and many more. How did you feel about the song when you first heard it. Did it make you feel sad, happy, angry, scared(for whatever reason), and so forth.

3. Survey Questions About…surveys – Partially a joke, but also likely to possibly come up one day if you take enough surveys. They may ask you how you feel about taking surveys. How do you feel about the length of time it takes to complete the surveys? Are they too long or too short? Have you been able to make the amount of income you were expecting? Is the income you are making from taking surveys satisfying? Questions like that are commonly asked when taking a survey about surveys themselves.

Now that we have some information about surveys themselves and the types of surveys you may be taking, let’s move on to the fun stuff! Can you actually make money taking surveys. If so, how much money should you expect to make taking surveys.

Money, Money, Money!

So the second most important question is can you actually make money taking surveys? The answer is, yes! You can definitely make money taking surveys from legitimate paid-survey websites.

Keep in mind, some paid-survey websites are certainly scams, so beware! However, there are plenty of paid-survey websites that legitimately will pay you money for taking their surveys. I have created an article awhile back explaining a few legitimate paid-survey sites as well as some that are complete scams. So, for the paid-survey websites that are legitimate and actually do pay people for taking their surveys, how much money can you expect to make?

Generally, payouts for surveys ranges from $1 to around $80 per completed survey. For Focus Group type surveys this payout could range to around $100 or more but as mentioned before, take much more time to complete than regular surveys. Payouts for surveys vary, therefore, I cannot give you an exact number of payouts you can earn from taking paid surveys.

However, legitimate paid-survey websites will inform you on how much money the payouts is for each survey before you even begin taking the survey. Once again, the golden rule is, the more extensive the survey and the longer it takes to complete, generally has a higher payout.

How To Get Paid?

Now that we know we Can actually make money taking paid-surveys, I will now discuss briefly HOW you will be getting compensated. There are several different types of payouts for completed surveys, I will go over a few.

1. Points – Some companies have payouts in the form of points. With this payout, you have a few options to choose from. You can get actual physical money, you can use the points towards an item such as a brand new Xbox 360, or you can choose to spend your points on a raffle ticket type of thing for the chance to win something awesome like a brand new Nissan Versa.

2. Paypal – Companies are starting to change to this method of payout. Paypal payouts are becoming the new norm when it comes to paid-surveys. Why? Because it’s easy and direct. You could take 5 surveys in one day and see your payout totaled at the end of the week enter your Paypal account. Then simply take that money and transfer it to your bank and boom!

3. Check – Some companies, however, pay by check. They generally do this on a monthly basis. Generally speaking, they require some type of minimum earning before you will receive your check such as $50.00. Most companies that have payouts this way have a set date each month for sending out checks. So, as soon as you take enough surveys to earn $50.00, they will send you your check of $50.00 or more on that specific day each month, such as on the 7th of each month.

Are Paid-Surveys A Scam?

To keep it simple, NO! I mentioned this before, that some paid-survey websites are in fact a SCAM. However, there are plenty that are NOT! There are several paid-survey websites that Will actually pay you and have paid survey-takers for years and years so far and the people that do this for an income stream are pretty satisfied with their results, generally speaking.

To Conclude, both claims are true!

Some paid-surveys are a scam and a waste of time and others are not! You just have to know what to look for. I have listed a few tips during this article as well such as, a legitimate paid-survey website will inform you of the payout for a survey before you actually begin taking the survey.

Can You Quit Your Job?

Absolutely! You can always quit your job if you like! However, the income you will make from taking surveys is not ever going to be enough security for you to quit your job and feel comfortable. I don’t care if you manage to take 50 surveys every hour. Paid-surveys is isn’t not a way to make a substantial amount of income from home and they’re not supposed to be!

Paid-surveys are designed as an easy way to make some type of secondary income during your spare time. If you are able to create more income from taking surveys than you were from your actual job, you probably didn’t choose a very good career choice in the first place. Paid-surveys are designed to put an extra $300 in your bank account a month if you hit the industry hard and take action daily! They are not designed to give you a career.

I Do Have Good News – Hooray!

Although you won’t be able to get rich by taking surveys, paid-surveys are not the only opportunity available for those that would like to make an income from home. If you are looking to make a substantial amount of residual and passive income all from home with little to no work, I am offering a Free Report on how to do just that! To be a little more specific, we are talking about creating a residual income starting out at $1,500 every week, and that’s just where it begins! That’s $6,000 a month of residual income, meaning that payout is continuous!

I am going to be leaving a link below for those that are interested in creating this type of income. By clicking the link you will have the opportunity to get a free report explaining this industry and this method of achieving a substantial amount of residual and passive income. Passive, meaning it doesn’t require you to have to sit at your computer for 13 hours a day taking surveys.

Creating a residual(continuous) income of $1,500 is awesome! However, the best part is this information is completely free, no strings attached ! This report is going to show you how to could begin earning that kind of continuous income immediately! So click on the link, get your free report, and start learning how to make a very substantial amount of income!

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Understanding Organo Gold: Can You Really Make Money With Organo Gold?

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold offers beverages and supplements that are nutritional, simple, and delicious. Products are mainly coffee and tea related. They focus almost all of their products around an ingredient known as Ganoderma. What Ganoderma is supposed to do is build a strong and healthy body while increasing life expectancy. In addition to products that contain Ganoderma, they also offer a business or income opportunity for those that have an interest in sharing their products with others. However, can you really make a legitimate income with Organo Gold’s opportunity?

The Thing: As mentioned before, Organo Gold offers beverages and supplements containing Ganoderma. I will explain a few of these products along with the benefits of each along with the price when available. Two of the products will be beverage related and one will be supplement related.

1. Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee – This $46.50 box of coffee comes with 25 Sachets per box and contains pure organic Ganoderma. In order to enjoy this beverage all you have to do is pour one of the packets into your coffee cup, add hot water, and mix. It is designed to give drinkers the benefits of Ganoderma and supports overall body wellness.

2. Gourmet Hot Chocolate – For only $31.50 you can get a box of this product with 15 Sachets all enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. It has a rich flavor and requires the same instructions as the Organic King of Coffee; Pour, Add Hot Water, and Mix! It is designed to support overall body wellness and health as well.

3. Ganoderma Spore Powder – Like almost all of their products this supplement is enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. This product can be bought in containing 90 capsules for $99.00. It was designed to extract as much potency as possible from Ganoderma and contain rich and natural beneficial compounds for overall health and wellness.

The Opportunity: Just like every other company in the entire world, Organo Gold has a compensation plan. This is how distributors are able to make a profit marketing or selling their products, payouts can be daily, weekly, and/or monthly. There are seven total ways to make money or rewards through Organo Gold’s business or income opportunity: Retail Profit, Fast Track Bonus, Dual Team Bonus, Uni-level Bonus, Uni-level Matching Bonus, Generational Bonus, and Global Bonus Pool. I will explain a few.

1. Retail Profit – This is where making money through Organo Gold all begins. By selling products to retail customers you are able to earn profits up to 50% paid daily and/or weekly.

2. Dual Team Bonus – This form of payout is only offered weekly but if you are able to grow your business, you will be achieving payouts in this form. They use a Binary point system when it comes to this payout building one team on your left and another on your right. Once you are able to build and motivate your two business teams you will have the potential to earn an incredible $75,000 weekly!

3. Global Bonus Pool – This is the ultimate reward Organo Gold offers their distributors and is earned Monthly, paid Quarterly. When and if you achieve this level of payouts you will be able to actually earn 3% of the Total Worldwide Uni-level Commission-able Volume. In other words, you sort of get paid upon the entire success of the company at 3% share. Wow!

The Cost: In order to become a distributor and take advantage of Organo Gold’s business or income opportunity there are two main things that you Must do!

1. Enroll – Enroll yourself into the company and as Independent Distributor. This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

2. Purchase A Business Entry Kit – The cost of the Business Kit is $49.95. Once you have completed the enrollment and have purchase this Business Kit you are ready to rock! The Business Entry Kit is a free access for one year to your BackOffice and Organo Gold will also create a Pro Replicated Website for your new business. The Business Kit also includes a Distributor Binder, Brochures and Applications, A Variety of Samples of Coffee, and Access to Wholesale Purchases.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Organo Gold!

Final Thoughts: Organo Gold is a very interesting company. Their products are great for overall wellness and health containing Ganoderma. The compensation plan is also very lucrative as long as you know how to effectively use network marketing. However, even if you don’t know how to effectively use Network Marketing, you will still be able to earn an income stream from taking advantage of their business opportunity provided you work at it daily. If you don’t work at it, obviously, you won’t make any type of income at all. But you if you devote yourself to the industry and make a commitment to create a substantial amount of income, this company definitely offers that ability.

The only difficulty I see with this company is the products itself. Don’t get me wrong, they offer outstanding products. However, when it comes to Network Marketing you should look for a product with a Massive Market! The reality is, not Everybody drinks coffee, tea, or hot chocolate regularly enough to feel the need to purchase large quantities of the product. However, for those that are complete coffee lovers, they would Love to be educated on Organo Golds products and experience it as well and may become steady, forever-existing customers as well.

If you are looking for a company with a Massive Market, I assure you, there are plenty of them out there! I have actually been able to discover a way to make a substantial amount of residual and passive income all from home with a product that has a Massive Market, meaning there is only a handful of people in which wouldn’t have any interest in it. It’s called Saving Money! Connect with me and get your free report on how exactly to get involved with a company with a Massive Market relating to saving Thousands of Dollars Each Year in addition to Earning Thousands of Dollars as well!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Organo Gold or their business opportunity.

Understanding Nu Skin: Can You Really Make Money With Nu Skin?

Nu Skin was founded in 1984 and is involved in the skin care and wellness industry. They offer several products relating to overall wellness along with a business or income opportunity. The main question of this review is, can you really make money with Nu Skin’s business or income opportunity?

The Thing: Nu Skin offers a ton of products relating to overall wellness such as Oral Care, Men’s Care, Cosmetics, Sun Protection, Energy & Stamina, Celluar Protection, Heart Health, Mood Support, Immunity Support, and many more.

1. Cortitrol – Cortitrol is a mood enhancing supplement for $42.00 each bottle. It is designed to promote healthy cortisol hormone balance and enhances feelings of overall satisfaction and control to stressful environments and support better mental concentration and focus.

2. BioGinkgo 27/7 – This $33.00 bottle promotes and enhances normal healthy memory, stimulates concentration and overall focus, promotes blood circulation to the brain, and contains natural antioxidants.

3. Nu Skin 180 Face Wash –  This Face Wash cream is 4.2 fl. oz. for $36.00 and is supposed to reduce the appearance of age spots or discoloration, even skin tone, and improve skin firmness as well. It contains 10% active vitamin C which helps to fight against the effects of aging.

The Opportunity: The Business or Income opportunity explanation affiliated with Nu Skin is a two part question. The first one, defining and understanding their Compensation Plan. The second one, can you really make money with Nu Skin’s Business or Income opportunity?

To begin, you must enroll as a distributor and take actions to start earning commissions. Nu Skin has payouts that occur both weekly and monthly, deposited directly into your bank account. There are three main ways to get paid from taking advantage of Nu Skin’s business or income opportunity.

1. Fast-Start Payment(Weekly) – Nu Skin also sells Fast-Start Product Packages and allows affiliates to sell them as well to create a pretty decent profit. The Age LOC Spa Beauty Package and the Business Builder packages are the only two Fast-Start Product Packages that Nu Skin offers. If you are able to sell the Age LOC Spa Beauty Package, you will receive a payout of $100, if you are able to sell the Business Builder Package you will receive a payout of $400.

2. Retail Profits(Weekly) – Up to 43% on retail customer purchases.

3. Sales Volume of Your Sales Network(Monthly) – In order to achieve this type of payment you must be an “active” distributor. In order to become “active” you must accumulate 250 Personal Group Sales Volume(PGSV). Which means you, your retail customers, preferred customers, and personally enrolled distributors must add up to equal at least 250 PGSV.
The Cost: None! There is no cost to actually get started, involved, and affiliated with Nu Skin’s business opportunity. In order to become a full member of their affiliated program and begin earning any type of commission you must obtain 100 PSV and make five retail sales per month.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Nu Skin!

Final Thoughts: Nu Skin has a great line of products in addition to a very diverse and huge variety of products or things(what they physically offer). The prices for their products(things) is not too expensive but not very cheap either. Their business or income opportunity is decent but not terrific! It is going to require some serious “work” in order to move up in levels or ranks and to remain active in the company as a distributor.

They only have 3 different payouts. On the plus side, they include both weekly and monthly payouts. The percentage on retail customer purchases would be nice, provided it was always 43%, but take note of the fact that it is Up To 43%, therefore, you may only get 3% commission from a certain product, which isn’t ideal!

The cost is fabulous because it’s free. However, you MUST obtain 100 PSV and make FIVE retail sales per month to remain active and earning commission, so you have to stay on it day in and day out. It may not be difficult, but taking a vacation for a month would be a little tricky.

*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Nu Skin or their business opportunity.

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Understanding Mary Kay Cosmetics: Can You Really Make Money With Mary Kay Cosmetics?

Founded in 1963, Mary Kay is a direct sales company offering a wide variety of cosmetic products. Mary Kay’s worldwide wholesale volume reached around$2,600,000,000. However, can you really make money marketing their products? We’ll discuss some of the products that they offer in addition to a brief explanation of their compensation plan. The compensation plan that Mary Kay offers is where we will get an idea on whether or not people can actually create an income by becoming involved with the company’s business opportunity.

The Thing: Cosmetics! Mary Kay is one of the most known cosmetic Multi-level Marketing companies to ever exist! They offer cosmetic products ranging from Skin Care, Body & Sun, Makeup, Fragrances, and even cosmetics for Men. All of the categories are filled with sub-categories with many more types of products.

1. TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C – This $56.00 bottle is an anti-aging skin care product. TimeWise helps skin “bounce back” making it appear to be more lifted and firm.

2.  Mineral Eye Color Quad – This product is only $20.00 and comes in four different colors or shades such as Sandstorm, Autumn Leaves, Black Ice, and Chai Latte. It is ophthalmologist-tested and is designed to deliver lightweight, high-impact color as well as being long-lasting with a formula resistant to fading.

3. Hydrating Lotion – A 6.5 fl. oz. bottle of Mary Kay’s Hydrating Lotion is only $16.00. It has a great scent, is dermatologist-tested, designed to leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and provides skin hydration for up to 10 hours.

4. MK High Intensity™ Sport Cologne Spray – In terms of Men’s Cosmetics, one product offered for men by Mary Kay is their Sport Cologne Spray for only $40.00 a 2.5 fl. oz. fragrance bottle. This Men’s Cologne is designed with an icy, “cool” scent.

The Opportunity: There are a total of 13 stages or levels an individual member can achieve with Mary Kay’s Business opportunity. Titles are in order: Consultant, Senior Consultant, Star Team Builder, Team Leader, Future Sales Director, Sales Director, Senior Sales Director, Future Executive Senior, Executive Senior Director, Elite Executive Director, National Sales Director, Senior National Sales Director, Executive National Sales Director. We shall briefly discuss a few.

1. Consultant – You must order at least once per year in order to remain a Consultant. By becoming an “active” Consultant, you are able to purchase all Mary Kay’s products at 50% off. You must order at least $225 worth of products within 3 months to remain “active”.

2. Team Leader – In order to achieve this ranking, you must have 5 to 7 active members that you personally referred into your team business. When achieving this rank you get 9% commission on team orders as well as having the possibility to get a $50 team-building bonus.

3. Elite Executive Director – You must have 8 or more first-line team members to achieve this ranking. By doing so, you get 5% commission on team members if your unit production is under $12,00 and 6% commission if your unit production is $12,00 or more. You must have a minimum unit production of $4,500 per month in order to remain in this ranking. A few other bonuses and payouts are included as well, but we’ll move on.

4. Senior National Sales Director – By achieving this ranking, you must have 1 to 2 team members that have achieved the ranking of National Sales Director(NSD). You are able to earn 9% commission on units of your first line NSDs, 4% commission on units of your second line of NSDs, 2% commission on units of your third line of NSDs, and a few other payouts and bonuses.
The Cost: In order to become affiliated with Mary Kay’s and take advantage of the business opportunity that they have to offer, you need to purchase a $100 Start Up Kit.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Mary Kay Cosmetics!

Final Thoughts: Mary Kay Cosmetics is a well-known company with a long history. When discussing the company with others, there is very little skepticism, which makes the job of a Network Marketer much easier. They have a good line of products in addition to a lucrative and extensive compensation plan/business opportunity. However, they’re products are highly over-priced and they’re compensation plan changes frequently. You could be an Executive National Sales Director and make 9% commission one month and only 7% the next if they were to happen to decide to change the numbers for that specific region. Mary Kay’s compensation plan is very extensive and hard to keep accurate track of unless you are directly involved in the company by being an Employee, Consultant, or any other Direct Affiliation. What this extensive compensation plan does, is allows the company to hype people up. During a presentation of becoming a Consultant for Mary Kay, it seems as if it just keeps getting better and better when in reality, the payouts increase slowly and minimally. The depth of the compensation plan is simply unnecessary. Finally, in order to get massive payouts and achieve higher ranks you have to generate a huge amount of success. You almost have to be one of the best Network Marketers to ever exist to truly make a substantial amount of income.

If you’re looking for a way to make a substantial amount of residual income from a business opportunity, there is a better way. Click on the link to get started with an opportunity that delivers fast results, with payouts Starting at $1,500 a week!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Mary Kay Cosmetics or their business opportunity.