Understanding IWowWe: Can You Really Make Money With IWowWe?

IWowWe is a video communication program that started in March of 2013. They offer a video conference program with tons of tools to make the entire experience much easier along with offering an opportunity for members to earn an income at the same time. However, does IWowWe offer a serious income opportunity? Can members actually make a living wage from marketing their product?

The Thing: The program offered by IWowWe is very simple. You don’t have to actually install anything for it to work, all you need is a Webcam and internet connection, and you’re good to go. The product includes many useful tools to help make the entire video conference as smooth as modernly possible. They offer a digital whiteboard, ability to share presentations and/or PDF files, screen sharing, anonymous polling, up to 500 attendees, and yes, of course, it’s mobile!

For business owners or for personal use, IWowWe offers an easy and fun video communications experience. Many individuals with a wide variety of occupations are getting started with IWowWe today such as teachers, event organizers, public speakers, music producers, business professionals, sales reps, and many more!

Another thing IWowWe offers is Video Email, which is pretty cool. You are able to actually email personal videos, which is great if you’re a marketer or entrepreneur. You can get your message heard by the viewer immediately.

The Opportunity: IWowWe, offers a pretty cool product. However, the big question remains, can people actually earn real money from IWowWe? It’s important to understand they pay their members through something called a Compensation Plan. Every company has one, it’s nothing new, but familiarizing yourself with the term will come in handy! How IWowWe actually pays their members is through a referral program. There are seven ways to get paid through IWowWe. However, I am only going to explain three of them for this article.

1. Direct Referral Commissions – You will receive 25% from all the clients you refer to the company with a Premium Package, and this can happen monthly.

2. Dual Team Model – Using a binary model with two legs(Right and Left) you are able to earn $25 for each “Match-Up” package purchase. To explain this a little more, let’s say for example you have enrolled ten people on your left leg, and ten people on your right leg. If one individual on your left leg enrolls someone while one individual on your right leg enrolls someones else, a “Match-Up” will occur and the company will send you $25. This doesn’t seem like much, of course, but if you know what you are doing and how to effectively, ethically, and properly Market a company’s product, this income stream can be very lucrative.

3. Monthly Subscription Fee’s – I haven’t quite got to the cost yet but in order to get involved with this company you will need something called a Premium Package(in which I will give more explanation soon). One of the cost associated with this Premium Package is a monthly $25 fee. Every month, 25 Smackaroos! Therefore, anybody you enroll under you will have to pay this $25 a month as well. Once again, IWowWe uses the “Match-Up” system. Using the same example of ten left and ten right members, every month that one individual from the left and one individual from the right create a “Match-Up” by paying their $25 monthly fee, the company will send you a paycheck of $25. Therefore, if you have ten left and ten right members and they all “Match-Up” and pay their monthly fee, the company will send you a check of $250 and this most likely will be a re-occurrence provided you enrolled good entrepreneur marketers.

The Cost: For most people, this is the most important section and for this company, it should be the most important section if you are considering getting involved with their affiliate program. In order to begin you must acquire a Premium Package. This package requires a One-Time fee of $195.00 in addition to a $25 monthly fee. Pretty cut and dry.

I would personally be very skeptical of this company. There is a ton of information about IWowWe that I didn’t include in this article. For example, one of the things promised by this company is if you do happen to achieve a certain amount of success, IWowWe will purchase you a “$2 million something” house. I am not saying they won’t. I am, however, I have been involved with affiliate marketing, network marketing, home-based business, and reviews over several other companies and I have Never heard of anything even closely related to that. Also, in order to make a very serious amount of residual income with this company, you have to enroll a ton of members. How do you enroll a ton of members? Well, you either are super lucky or you know exactly how to Network Market. Finally, the cost associated to become involved with this company is not appealing. A One-Time fee of $195.00 is understandable and I would likely consider it, however, the monthly $25 fee is unacceptable by my standards. I personally, would not consider becoming involved with IWowWe at all. It may be a great opportunity for many people, but it definitely isn’t something I could see myself making the type of income I desire with.

To conclude, yes you can make money with IWowWe!

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company such as IWowWe, you have to know how to effectively use Network Marketing.

Not only have I discovered an incredible way to make a ton of money using this concept, but I am going to work with you one on one, step-by-step so you can achieve Your desired amount of success!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with IWowWe or their business opportunity!


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