Understanding Max International: Can You Really Make Money With Max International?

Launched in 2007, Max International offers health enhancing products with a patented formulation called MaxGXL. In addition to their products, they offer a business opportunity for those that would like to make a career marketing their products. Anybody can learn how to succeed with marketing, but can you really make money marketing Max International products? Can you become rich, and if so, how rich?

The Thing: Currently Max International offers a total of 9 products all relating to health enhancement. Their products mainly relate to support of all cells in your body by nourishing Glutathione, which protects the nucleus of the cell and is the primary protector of the Immune Cell.

1. MaxOne – This is the most advance Glutathione support supplement they offer. Each bottle providing 60 capsules with instructions to take just two capsules a day. MaxOne gives your body the nutrients it needs to fight oxidative stress and strengthen your cells’ immunity.

2. Max N-Fuze – This product is an Antioxidant Defense. It begins by giving your body advanced cellular defense, strengthens the body’s antioxidant defense, supports glutathione functioning, and gives your body other vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B.

3. MaxATP – Designed to be the ultimate energizing glutathione supporter of all their products, served as a drink. MaxATP replenishes energy reserves and helps fight fatigue, builds ATP in your heart and muscles, and increases vitality.

The Opportunity: Max International seems to have a good line of products to offer, but is their income business opportunity worth your time? Can you really make money through Max International affiliate marketing. They currently offer 9 ways you could get paid marketing their products including Retail Profits, Preferred Customer Bonus, FastTrack Bonus, Double FastTrack Bonus, Team Bonus, Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonus, Platinum and Diamond Leadership Pool, Global Bonus Pool, and Max Living Bonus. For most companies, multiple ways of getting paid is a great sign of a very lucrative business opportunity. We’ll discuss a few to see if the cash is there.

1. Retail Profits – This way of getting paid is pretty basic and usually comes with all affiliate companies such as Max International, in which gives members the ability to market their products and keep the remainder as personal profit. You are able to buy product as a lower cost, sell them for a higher cost, and keep the remainder. For example: If you buy Max N-Fuze for $15 a bottle, re-sell it for $35 a bottle, you keep $20 personal profit.

2. FastTrack Bonus – In order to get started in this company(we’ll discuss more later) you have to purchase some type of Product Pack. However, you can also earn money by referring a member into the business in your team. By doing this, that member has to purchase a Product Pack as well, allowing you to qualify for weekly FastTrack Commissions.

3. Max Living Bonus – To my understanding, in order to qualify for this Bonus you must achieve all other previous 1-8 payouts. When this happen, on-top of everything else you may be getting paid, the Max Living Bonus qualifies you to earn up to $1,500 each month of residual income.

The Cost: The first thing you have to do in order to take advantage of the income opportunity Max International has to offer is to pay $49 as an initial member fee. After you pay the starter fee, you must, obviously, buy inventory to market and re-sell.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Max International!

Final Thoughts: Max International has a good line of products relating to health enhancement. However, these products are generally overpriced, which make it difficult for members to buy them(even after the membership product price drops) and just as difficult for the general public to buy them. Plus, there isn’t any real evidence their products are the best. There’s plenty of other companies that offer the same types of products with the same types of results and/or complaints. All companies have complaints, but this one seems to have a little more for comfort. Max International is certainly not a scam, but it’s possible that their products certainly aren’t the best.

Network Marketing companies centered around health have a huge competitive playing field and they don’t seem to be doing the best job keeping up. As an easy example, there are a lot of companies that have started in the same year as Max International(2007) with much more than 9 products. In this industry, speed is the game and quality is the name. Lastly, their compensation plan is weak. The Max Living Bonus is the companies best payout up to $1,500 a month of residual income.

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Understanding Liv International: Can You Really Make Money With Liv International?

Information starting in 2006, Liv International provides a wide variety of products for improving health and increasing energy. They currently offers 13 different products and offer a business opportunity to create a residual income all from home. Are their products worth buying and can you really make money with Liv International’s business opportunity?

The Thing: As mentioned before, Liv International currently offers 13 different products relating to overall health improvement and stability. Products such as Blox, Clenzt, Love Your Skin Age Defiance Serum, Crave, E-3, Go Nitrimax, Green2o, LivPro15, Liv Smart, Liv Sxinney, Serezen, Sxinney Mist, and Zing. We will discuss a few but your best bet would be to go to their website and examine all the products yourself and formulate your own opinion.

1. Green2o – This product is a delicious beverage that can be served to all ages. With hopes of replacing coffee or energy drinks contaminated with sugar and preservatives and other harmful ingredients and adding antioxidants and chlororphyllins. They express the need to keep your body hydrated and although Green2o doesn’t replace water, it can definitely allow you to cut down on your water intake. You can get a bottle of Green2o for $1.50.

2. LIV Smart – LIV Smart is a daily vitamin in capsule form for all ages, men and women, filled with nootropics. Liv International recommends taking 2 capsules each day. Nootropics are nutrients that feed the brain, help with mental acuity, boost your memory, and enhance your overall brain capacity and functioning. LIV Smart also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Magnesium along with many more nutrients. I was unable to find a definite price of each bottle. Green2o’s price was obvious and clear, unlike LIV Smart, so I have to assume each bottle of LIV Smart is somewhat expensive.

3. LIVPro15 – A good ol’ bag of protein sweetened and flavored with natural ingredients including vitamins and coconut water and amino acids. Designed to build muscle passively, satisfy your hunger, support overall body strength all while being delicious. I failed to find an official price for each bag, so presumably, somewhat expensive.

The Opportunity: Liv International seems to have a good amount of useful products but do they offer a good, legitimate business opportunity? We’ll be able to find our answer by looking at their compensation plan. There are a total of 10 ways you can get paid by taking advantage of Liv International’s income opportunity such as Retail Profit, Preferred Customer Profit, Product Rebate, Weekly Sponsoring Bonus, Weekly Matching Bonus, Monthly Global Commissions, Monthly Infinity Bonus, Monthly 1% Super Star Bonus, 2% Global Inventive Pool, and 3% Global Diamond Bonus.

1. Retail Profit – Retail profit is the most basic way to earn money with Liv International. It’s simply 43% of personal product sold commission. If you sell product worth $10,000 one month, you get a payout of 43% of that amount. That’s $4,300.

2. Monthly Global Commissions – You have to purchase products and keep an inventory if you would like to market them and make sales. Even if you are marketing them online(E-Commerce), you still have to make the purchase and carry some type of inventory. Therefore, when you build a down-line or a group of Team Members, they will have to purchase an inventory as well. You will receive 44% of all your down-lines product purchases.

3. Monthly 1% Super Star Bonus – If you sponsor or bring in 10 team members in one month, any month, you qualify to earn 1% of all global volume.

The Cost: Liv International offers 3 kits for those that would like to take advantage of the opportunity they have to offer. All kits carry some type of brochures and sample products.

1. Basic Starter – $160.00. Some samples.

2. Business Starter – $250.00. A good amount of samples.

3. Comprehensive – $750.00. You probably have enough samples.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Liv International!

My View: Liv International has a great line of products relating to overall health enhancing. In addition, they offer a legitimate and lucrative business opportunity. However, their opportunity isn’t as good as I thought it would be. They are a highly successful company with a poor compensation plan. If you happen to be one of the best Network Marketers in the world, you will do fantastic with this company but will still face the reality that the payouts are low. Although the payouts are low, keep in mind, they have 10 total payouts. Money builds quickly in this industry, I’m not saying Liv International is a bad company by any means. I personally wouldn’t want to take advantage of what they have to offer.

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company such as Liv International, you have to know how to effectively use Network Marketing.

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Understanding Key West Aloe: Is Key West Aloe A Good Way To Earn Money?

Starting in 1971, Key West Aloe offers a variety of Lab Certified Skincare Products. The idea of this company is to provide outstanding skincare products for men and women, backed by research, while offering an opportunity to create an income retailing their products. They offer free shipping for prices over $50.00. If the price is not over $50.00, it’s only a $5.00 cost for shipping. Can you really make money with their business opportunity? What is the cost to get involved with their opportunity?

The Thing: Key West Aloe offers several different products in many different categories such as Alothera Products, Tropical Products, Facial Products, Hair Products, Fragrances, even Intimacy Products and many more. Key West is constantly expanding and creating more products along with enhancing their current products to work more effectively. I will be giving a brief explanation of just one of the products from a few of their categories.

1. Alothera Intensive Hand Lotion: The smallest size they have is a $6.00 bottle made with 52% Aloe Vera. This product is supposed to repair and revitalize cracked, flaky, or dry skin. Wash your hands, apply this lotion, and await great results. During the winter, Alothera Hand Lotion could really come in handy!

2. Aloe Great Shave: This is a combo set that includes Excel Shave Cream(6oz), Zele Aftershave Gel(6oz), and Quench EX Face & Body Scrub(2oz). You can buy all three of these products individually for around $6.00 each or you can get this combo set for $39.00. I know, the math doesn’t quite add up. Many people think companies such as Key West Aloe are for women, when in reality, men can find tons of great and helpful products as well such as the ones in this combo set.

3. Just Between Us Pleasure Gel: Intimacy products for the win! They only currently have one product in this category which is the gel. You can get this gel for $19.00, plus shipping. This Pleasure Gel is made with 40% Lab Certified Aloe Vera, is water soluble, non-staining, and 100% safe to use with your other “intimate” toys. Very nice.

The Opportunity: If you decide you enjoy Key West Aloe’s products, you may want to consider becoming a Retailer. You will be able to offer other people their products and make money from the sales as well as saving yourself money when purchasing their products for personal use. Key West Aloe doesn’t have a Network Marketing Opportunity. Instead, they actually hire employees starting at around $14.00 an hour plus commissions from the product you personally sell.

The Cost: There is no cost and no inventory. The company holds all the inventory and you have to apply to become a retailer.

Yes, you can make money becoming a retailer for Key West Aloe. But it isn’t the best option available especially if you’re interested in a substantial amount of residual income with little work.

A traditional job is great and provides people security. However, they are usually not going to provide any type of residual or passive income. You will have to work hours in order to get paid. You don’t set these hours and you risk getting terminated from the company if you do not show up on time, every time. If you are interested in being your own boss, making your own money, setting your own hours, and enjoying financial freedom you should consider Network Marketing. Network marketing is part of what Key West Aloe does but without set hours. You will be Marketing a company’s products and offering people the same income opportunity that you found for yourself. This type of residual and passive income can be in the high thousands!

In order to get involved in Network Marketing, you first have to find a lucrative company. Next, you have to find somebody to bring you into the business or the industry itself. The type of Network Marketing I do, can’t be applied for. You have to join by getting in touch with someone already affiliated with the business. I have found a great opportunity and the starting payout if $1,500 a week.

I am going to work with you to get you involved in my industry and teach you how to create this type of passive and residual income immediately, all from home. You don’t need a college degree or any type of credentials to get started, all you need is a good work ethic and a brief education. I am going to provide you with that education.

Take into account that only 3% succeed in this industry and 97% fail. They fail because they do not understand what they need to do in order to generate a substantial amount of income or they try to implement what needs to be done and then quit after a few days.

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Understanding Javita: Can You Really Make Money With Javita?

Starting in 2011, Javita is making a name for themselves as “The Weight-Loss Coffee Company.” Javita’s basic mission statement is to make people Healthier and Wealthier by simply changing their cup of coffee. They are 100% owned and 100% debt free. Javita not only offers weight-loss coffee but also an income opportunity if you choose to market their products. However, can you really make money with Javita?

The Thing: “The Thing” is usually the products in which the company offers, which in this case, is coffee and other coffee related products. Someone affiliated with this company is likely to sound like Hank Hill discussing propane, only instead discussing coffee. Jokes aside, Javita has expanded since their launch date and plan to expanded even more throughout the years. Currently, they have six types of products to choose from.

1. ActiveBlendz Defend: ActiveBlendz Defend is a fruit drink that helps fortify your immune system, helps body combat stress, and support healthy T cells. To my understanding, they currently only have one flavor, Mixed Berry. ActiveBlendz, is a series of body enhancing drinks including Flex, Rush, and Control. More can be found about the other “Blendz” on their official website.

2. Herbal Cleanse Tea: A healthy way to clean your system by drinking delicious tea. By mixing herbs from India and Japan with traditional Ayurvedic medicine they’ve been able to create a tea that is gentle of the digestive system, cleans out your system, and helps with weight loss efforts.

3. Javita Burn + Control: Of course, coffee. This coffee is infused with a stimulant called Yerba Mate containing caffeine in addition to antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and polyphenols. This product combines these ingredients into a coffee designs to help increase the rate of your metabolism and burn more calories while helping you eat less by slightly altering your appetite.

The Opportunity: If you decide to become affiliated with Javita, you can get paid both weekly and monthly up to 64 times a year. They highlight their compensation plan around residual income. Below are 2 of the 12 ways you could earn money as a Javita member.

1. Direct Sales Profits: This occurs when a member of Javita sells a product directly to a customer or when a customer buys a product from the members official Javita website. Javita members get discounts on their products and can then re-sell them at a higher price, usually the recommended price by the company itself. For example, the Javita burn is around $25-$35 for Javita members, however, the company suggest you try to make the sale for $45. If you happen to complete this sale, you keep the remaining amount. Therefore, if you purchase the coffee at $25 and then re-sell it for $45, you keep the remainder of $20 as profit.

2. Team Commissions: The more I look into this type of commission the more criteria I see. Team Commissions in this company are pretty nice but they require you to do quite a bit. This type of payment occurs monthly and works for up to 15 levels of members in which you personally enrolled into the business. If you are at the lowest level in this company, meaning you are a basic member(Associate), you must have 50 PV in order to get these team commissions. You can achieve 50 PV in this company easily by placing your products on Auto-ship. You’ll need products to sell regardless in order to make profit so to make it easier you can enroll in Auto-ship allowing you to also get 50 PV and be ready to go for Team Commissions. You will get paid of the amount of levels you have and this can go from 1-5%. Hypothetically, if you have 9 levels of team members, you could be getting 4% commission of all their products in which doesn’t seem like much but if you were to look further into this company and the exact details you will be able to see that this is quite a fancy income level happening every month.

The Cost: There are 3 ways you can get started in the business opportunity that Javita offers.

1. Basic Member Pack: This package cost $99 and includes 2 boxes of products, $29 worth of Member Kits and Materials, “Free” online marketing websites, and “Free” online Business Tools/Reports.

2. STAR Business Pack: This package cost $499 and includes 14 boxes of products, 20% discounts per box, “Free” Member kit, “Free” online Marketing websites, “Free” online Business Tools/Reports, A chance for a free Ipad mini or cash bonus in the first 60 days, and Brochures and Sampling sleeves.

3. STAR Elite Business Pack: This package cost $999 and includes 34 boxes of products and 35% discounts per box along with everything mentioned in the Basic Member Pack and the STAR Business Pack.

My View: This company is quite impressive. If you love coffee, you’ll do great with this opportunity. Believe me, plenty of people love coffee as well. The number of products this company offers is decent and the compensation plan affiliated with the opportunity is pretty good. Javita is definitely doesn’t have the highest number of products in Network Marketing and their compensation plan isn’t the best ever as well. However, both the products and opportunity are organized and lucrative. The price to get started with this company may seem high, but it’s not. The price to get started in comparison with the compensation plan is actually quite affordable. In this industry, companies that are “expensive” to get started with usually have a pretty lucrative compensation plan to balance the two. The price to get started in relation to the compensation plan is absolutely understandable and quite appealing. The biggest negative I notice with Javita, is their product. I’m not a big coffee drinker, therefore, it would be very difficult for me to even want to market it on a daily basis. I would simply get bored.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Javita!

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company such as Javita, you have to know how to effectively use Network Marketing.

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Understanding IWowWe: Can You Really Make Money With IWowWe?

IWowWe is a video communication program that started in March of 2013. They offer a video conference program with tons of tools to make the entire experience much easier along with offering an opportunity for members to earn an income at the same time. However, does IWowWe offer a serious income opportunity? Can members actually make a living wage from marketing their product?

The Thing: The program offered by IWowWe is very simple. You don’t have to actually install anything for it to work, all you need is a Webcam and internet connection, and you’re good to go. The product includes many useful tools to help make the entire video conference as smooth as modernly possible. They offer a digital whiteboard, ability to share presentations and/or PDF files, screen sharing, anonymous polling, up to 500 attendees, and yes, of course, it’s mobile!

For business owners or for personal use, IWowWe offers an easy and fun video communications experience. Many individuals with a wide variety of occupations are getting started with IWowWe today such as teachers, event organizers, public speakers, music producers, business professionals, sales reps, and many more!

Another thing IWowWe offers is Video Email, which is pretty cool. You are able to actually email personal videos, which is great if you’re a marketer or entrepreneur. You can get your message heard by the viewer immediately.

The Opportunity: IWowWe, offers a pretty cool product. However, the big question remains, can people actually earn real money from IWowWe? It’s important to understand they pay their members through something called a Compensation Plan. Every company has one, it’s nothing new, but familiarizing yourself with the term will come in handy! How IWowWe actually pays their members is through a referral program. There are seven ways to get paid through IWowWe. However, I am only going to explain three of them for this article.

1. Direct Referral Commissions – You will receive 25% from all the clients you refer to the company with a Premium Package, and this can happen monthly.

2. Dual Team Model – Using a binary model with two legs(Right and Left) you are able to earn $25 for each “Match-Up” package purchase. To explain this a little more, let’s say for example you have enrolled ten people on your left leg, and ten people on your right leg. If one individual on your left leg enrolls someone while one individual on your right leg enrolls someones else, a “Match-Up” will occur and the company will send you $25. This doesn’t seem like much, of course, but if you know what you are doing and how to effectively, ethically, and properly Market a company’s product, this income stream can be very lucrative.

3. Monthly Subscription Fee’s – I haven’t quite got to the cost yet but in order to get involved with this company you will need something called a Premium Package(in which I will give more explanation soon). One of the cost associated with this Premium Package is a monthly $25 fee. Every month, 25 Smackaroos! Therefore, anybody you enroll under you will have to pay this $25 a month as well. Once again, IWowWe uses the “Match-Up” system. Using the same example of ten left and ten right members, every month that one individual from the left and one individual from the right create a “Match-Up” by paying their $25 monthly fee, the company will send you a paycheck of $25. Therefore, if you have ten left and ten right members and they all “Match-Up” and pay their monthly fee, the company will send you a check of $250 and this most likely will be a re-occurrence provided you enrolled good entrepreneur marketers.

The Cost: For most people, this is the most important section and for this company, it should be the most important section if you are considering getting involved with their affiliate program. In order to begin you must acquire a Premium Package. This package requires a One-Time fee of $195.00 in addition to a $25 monthly fee. Pretty cut and dry.

I would personally be very skeptical of this company. There is a ton of information about IWowWe that I didn’t include in this article. For example, one of the things promised by this company is if you do happen to achieve a certain amount of success, IWowWe will purchase you a “$2 million something” house. I am not saying they won’t. I am, however, I have been involved with affiliate marketing, network marketing, home-based business, and reviews over several other companies and I have Never heard of anything even closely related to that. Also, in order to make a very serious amount of residual income with this company, you have to enroll a ton of members. How do you enroll a ton of members? Well, you either are super lucky or you know exactly how to Network Market. Finally, the cost associated to become involved with this company is not appealing. A One-Time fee of $195.00 is understandable and I would likely consider it, however, the monthly $25 fee is unacceptable by my standards. I personally, would not consider becoming involved with IWowWe at all. It may be a great opportunity for many people, but it definitely isn’t something I could see myself making the type of income I desire with.

To conclude, yes you can make money with IWowWe!

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company such as IWowWe, you have to know how to effectively use Network Marketing.

Not only have I discovered an incredible way to make a ton of money using this concept, but I am going to work with you one on one, step-by-step so you can achieve Your desired amount of success!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with IWowWe or their business opportunity!