MySurvey Review : Is MySurvey A Scam?

The concept of making money from home is great! The thought of being able to do that by taking surveys or voicing your opinion, is even better! But can you actually make money from internet paid surveys? More importantly, are they legitimate or are they scams?

MySurvey is the worlds no.1 paid survey site. This company allows you to take surveys and earn points in which you can redeem for a wide variety of products, gift cards, vouchers, money, and a few other things. This website was launched in 2001 and has rewarded more then 32 millions dollars to members, according to the official website.

Some Neat Things About MySurvey

1. Accepts Members 14 And Up – MySurvey doesn’t require their members to be 18 and older. This is interesting because it is difficult for many people 14 years of age to find a job and this allows them to work a little and make some spend-money to enjoy their youth at the same time!

2. Immediate Points – Redemption Points are awarded immediately after proper completion of a survey, unless of system error or other related reasons, of course.

3. Free To join – It’s 100% totally free to join. All you have to do is register and after your registration has been processed, you can start taking surveys and earning money!

Some Not So Neat Things About MySurvey

1. Low payouts – The average survey pay-out ranges from $0.5 to $1.25. They use points to make it seem a little more attractive, by giving you up to 1000 points per survey, you feel like you’re being rewarded more than you actually are.

2. Unqualified for Surveys – After registering, you will wait around 24-48 hours before surveys actually open for you to be able to take and start earning money. You also, don’t qualify for all their surveys, they limit you.

3. Time-Consuming Surveys – A small survey could last for 10 to 20 minutes! A larger survey could take 30 to 50 minutes to complete!

Is MySurvey A Scam? Can You Actually Make Money With MySurvey?

With all of this information brought into light, the question still remains “Is MySurvey A Scam?”

The answer, absolutely not!

You Can make money taking surveys through MySurvey, however, it’s not going to be a ton of money although it may appear like more due to the point system in which the company uses. If a survey last 20 minutes and pays me $0.5, I’m abandoning ship!

If you are looking for a way to earn a small amount of additional income from 20 to 50 minutes of work each day, taking paid surveys online could definitely be what you’re looking for!

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*Dustin Hale is Not Affiliated with MySurvey or their opportunity.


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