Understanding Global Domains: Can You Really Make Money With Global Domains?

In order to see results and create a conclusion, we must first understand the company.

Global Domains International is a very unique company when it comes to network marketing! Founded in 2000; Some call it the scam of the century, others call it a fantastic opportunity. I, personally, call it a company. Therefore, I review the company.

The Thing:

Global Domains offers individuals a worldwide, exclusive, and personal domain ending with the “.ws” extension. For example, it would look something like this “www.DustinHaleMarketing.ws”. This is Your “Professional” Website, therefore, you are allowed to promote anything you like. They include 5 Global Domains for WordPress. They made their product very simple. A Personal Domain to promote your business in a more professional manner.

The Opportunity:

If you got excited by The Thing, hopefully you won’t lose excitement here. Global Domains pays money out to members in which market/promote their product(thing). They do this using a referral program. For every sale you make, $1 is paid out in commission. However, this company’s opportunity builds on all levels, so you also get paid for anybody that gets brought in by somebody you personally brought in. Although this may seem low, they offer hot targeted leads. They claim they have tons of leads just waiting to sign up and join and they will hand-deliver them to you! Therefore, if you are able to have significant numbers in your down-line, you certainly could start seeing a ton of compounding money. They also claim you do not do any selling/marketing; They do it all for you! They also, of course, offer free training. With what they are offering, it seems you can either make a huge profit or make a few bucks from time to time.

The Cost:

You can get started with Global domains, get your own personal “.ws” website, and begin marketing their opportunity today for $10 a month. If you are unsure if the company will actually benefit you or not, they offer a 7 day free trial. However, scam sources say you will end up paying an additional $300 a month. I have a hard time believing that extra $300 per month is absolutely mandatory, but it’s definitely something to consider when joining this company.

The Butter:

The “.ws” extension certainly does look more professional. I do question, however, the reaction of the people in which notice the extension, Google the extension, see all the Scam Reviews and instantly think YOU are a scam artist! In terms of a positioning tool, it smacks Professional Marketers in the face!

In order to effectively create a significant profit with this company, you have to learn marketing skills. This company is Not going to make you a significant amount of income. However, if you know how to properly market a company, you could make a very satisfying amount of passive, residual income all from home!

To conclude, yes you can make money with Global Domains!

However, if you are interested in making a substantial amount of residual income with a company using the same concept as Global Domains, you have to know how to effectively use Network Marketing.

Not only have I discovered an incredible way to make a ton of money using this concept, but I am going to work with you one on one, step-by-step so you can achieve Your desired amount of success!

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*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Global Domains or their opportunity.


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