Saving Money With Memberships – Can Memberships Really Save You Money?

People love saving money!

More importantly, they love spending money! The goal for such companies offering saving memberships is to allow people to buy more and spend less. Saving memberships, are one of the best ways you can save money on nearly anything. Of course, these memberships may not be free but if used properly, you will be able to save much more than the initial payment of the membership(in most cases). By using saving memberships, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year! Here are a few memberships that will save you tons of money in the long run!

1. Amazon Prime – This membership offers free shipping in only two days for online shopping! If you already pay for Netflix, cancel it! Get prime! In addition to free shipping in two days, you also can watch unlimited movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video. You will also have access to ad-free unlimited music streaming! This membership also includes over 500,000 free eBooks, free unlimited photo storage, and you will have access to Lightning Deals before other customers! You can get this membership for only $99 per year and you are able to cancel at anytime. If you are unsure whether or not the benefits of this membership will help you, try their 30 day free trial!

2. Costco Membership – Costco actually offers three different memberships: Executive, Business, and Gold Star. The business membership is more for individuals in which own a business! However, the Gold Star and Executive memberships are for everyone and anyone! The Gold Star Membership allows you to save money when purchasing groceries, home goods, and electronics! You can get this membership for yourself for only $55.00 per year! The Executive Membership will get you a 2% reward on most Costco purchases, in addition to lower prices on checks printing, identity protection, payroll services, free roadside assistance for vehicles covered through the auto insurance program, extra travel benefits, and online investing accounts.

3. American Automobile – Depending on where you live this usually cost around $50-$60. It primarily takes care of three events: It covers the cost of a tow truck if your vehicle breaks down, it will help you if you run out of gas, and it allows free assistance if you lock your keys in your vehicle! You may also be able to get some pretty awesome discounts at hotels and many retail stores with this membership!

So the final answer to the question “Can Memberships Really Save You Money?” The answer is yes! Definitely! Get in touch with me for more information on how to save tons of money!

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